Outfit Post: Wasabees and Martina Pink

Because of my super jammed packed schedule, I do not shop very often, but when I do, I will purchase like mad quite a bit. These are the casual outfits which I bought in the beginning of the year. I seriously need to catch up on my posts! At the moment I am working on another 2 outfit posts….

Turquoise cat top and matte faux leather leggings from Korean label Wasabees (Robinsons).


Hot pink cat top from Wasabees and denim jeggings from Uniqlo.


Close up of the super cute cat design. Unfortunately the design is glued on, so after a few washes, some the sequins came off (and have gone missing, sobs). This is the first time Wasabees apparel has given me problems, not sure whether they can fix it for me as so far I didn’t have the time to drop by Robinsons. EDIT: I brought the top back and the staff said it can’t be fixed. Won’t be purchasing anymore clothes with glued on details from Wasabees.


Lace top and pants from my favorite label, Martina Pink, Tangs in-house brand.  I highly recommend hand-washing the top as I discovered that the hem became shorter after I chucked it in washing machine. Serves lazy me right!




The black version of the top, paired with Martina Pink ¾ pants.




Top from Wasabees and purple pants from Martina Pink. Martina Pink has improved on their fabric quality, compared to 2 years ago. Now the fabrics do not crease easily and ironing is a breeze.


What I like about this Wasabees top is design of the back portion, made of chiffon. The sheer and lightweight material will move along with the body, revealing the polka-dot design. Leggings from Uniqlo; I feel the quality is not great as they become more and more loose after each wash.


So far none of the glued-on sequins have dropped after repeated machine washing.


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