St Marc Cafe

Wanted to try this new Japanese café for a long time, but the crowds put me off; I don’t fancy queuing ages for my food. Finally the hype died down, and so we had a light lunch at St Marc Café.


St. Marc is a popular café chain which opened its first outlet in Tokyo in 1998. Currently, there are more than 300 outlets in Japan. Singapore is their second overseas outlet after Shanghai.

The Japanese really put do in the effort to display what they have to offer. I am always lured to order more because everything looks so yummy.







The counter is self-service and it’s a tad chaotic.  If time is needed to prepare something, you will be given a beeper machine. Complimentary water is available near the kitchen and most customers clear their table before leaving.

Hot chocolate comes in small ($5), medium($6) and large($7).  It was a letdown; the consistency was thin and lacked flavour. Unlike some other cafes, the hot chocolate was served piping hot, so do be careful not to burn your tongue.


There are several pre-packed sandwiches displayed at the fridge; I chose Tuna potato+egg and tuna potato+ham sandwich ($4.30).  I thought that my sandwich would be opened and served nicely on a plate. Perhaps my expectations were too high. It was a nice and refreshing sandwich; the bread was soft and fluffy, like clouds. It reminded me of Tramezzini which I ate in Venice, although the bread was not on par. During our vacation in Venice, our tour guide told us that we must look for and try Tramezzini, because the bread is simply amazing.


French toast was delightful, but a tad pricy at $3 for a serving like this. Yakitsuki dog ($3.50) was savoury and delicious; juicy sausage with a distinct black pepper and mustard flavour. A lot of effort is required to chew on the bread, which had a tough texture. Old folks should avoid the Yakitsuki dog.


Choco Cro ($2.40) is St Marc café’s bestseller, and I had to try it, after hearing the raves from my colleague.  Although the Chocro Cro was displayed for quite some time at the opened counter, the croissant was still crisps and flaky on the outside. The dough is soft and aromatic as its loaded with butter, which make the pastry taste sooo good, even on its own.  At the heart of the croissant, oozes warm semi-melted smooth chocolate, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The roasted peanut toppings added another dimension to the taste.





Thank goodness I got Choco berry celebration ($8.80), rather than strawberry Heaven. Why? Because the strawberries were served semi-frozen.  Not impressed at all!



The crème brulee was acceptable while vanilla soft serve ice cream was smooth. There was sponge cake cubes in the middle which soaked up the melted ice cream. The bottom layer was corn flakes, which added texture to this dessert but taste boring….


A must try at St Marc Cafe is the Littie Fuji ($6.30)- soft serve perched atop warm, buttery and flaky pastry, drizzled with caramel. You won’t regret ordering this!


St Marc Cafe
#01-108/109/110 Vivocity
1 Habourfront Walk


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