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My MIL has been a fan of stylist Georgina for many years.  She followed her from Novena Square to Pacific Plaza and now to her new salon located in the iconic Goodwood Park Hotel.  In addition to a full-range of hair services, the new salon also manicures and pedicures.  Clients can now enjoy one-stop convenience for hair and nails.  After a hard week at work, I decided to check out the place and treat myself to a well-deserved pampering session to unwind and rejuvenate.

The other reason why I wanted to visit Avant Garde (previously known as Georgina’s)  was because of MIL’s pretty hair. I want pretty hair too!


The salon’s location is excellent – a quiet reprieve to the hustle and bustle of Orchard/Scotts Road.  Set within the enclave of a luxurious five-star hotel, the mood here is anything but pretentious.  As soon as I stepped in the salon, I found myself in a pleasant, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.  All the staff are attentive with a ready smile, and Georgina is bubbly, personable and fun.  The salon is huge with large glass windows allowing natural light to filter in and extending the view to the outside greenery. The spaciousness created a sense of privacy, relaxed comfort. The decor is kept elegant, simple and uncluttered.  Avant Garde’s team has done a great job maintaining the place clean and tidy. With soft music resounding in the background, the place offers a peaceful respite from the world outside.

The salon spacious and the washing area is huge; you won’t feel cramped at all!





Now some pampering for my hair! Georgina approached my hair with enthusiasm and knowledge – a combination that instantly made me feel I was in good hands.

Her view was that my hair was generally unevenly layered and overly thinned out with too much razoring in some sections.  The result was plenty of layers, but leaving my long hair falling limp and flat, and the ends looking thin with wispy strands of static hair sticking out here and there.

Before pictures; my hair looks terrible…sigh…




After photos; I took these pictures from home a few days later. No professional help to blow my hair to achieve this look.




Anyways back to my experience at the salon. First up, hair wash by Swan, who gave an amazing head massage. She shampooed my hair twice, giving me super clean hair.



Georgina recommended a trim to reduce the layering and to create soft, but full ends, which will give my hair “movement” and “body”.  Instead of having layers everywhere, she suggested a few face-framing pieces like side-swept bangs and layers that are tapered along the face soften the cheekbones.

With her assurance that I would not lose too much length, I gave my ok.  Immediately, Georgina went into action – deftly snipped, shaped, created soft, long layers around the face and added side-swept bangs.


After my Director’s cut ($90), I had a voluminsing and hydrating hair treatment with Wella SP products ($150 onwards)


The salon uses an O3 machine to treat the hair. Ozone hair therapy causes peptones to be formed on each hair shaft, forming a protective layer over each strand (like our Ozone layer). I prefer the O3 machine over the traditional hair steamer treatment as the latter makes me feel hot and uncomfortable.


While having a haircut or hair treatment, clients can save time and have a pedicure ($50) or manicure ($38) done at the same time. My dry cuticles were in a bad shape; Ying cleaned up my nails meticulously, then painted lace and flowers on them.







After the hair treatment was completed, Georgina expertly blow-dried my long, straight hair into a silky sophisticated style.  Using a Korean brush iron, she created beveled ends to the locks adding bounce and movement.



I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. With the trim and styling, my hair appears healthy and richer in volume and movement.  The side-swept sexy bangs added a hint of allure.  The overall look was transformed from ordinary to fab.





How my hair looked after 6 hours:


Do visit Avant Garde and experience your own personal transformation.  You can contact them at 6737 5251 to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome upon availability.



Avant Garde Hair Salon
Goodwood Park Hotel (Parklane Wing)
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: 6737 5251

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