Raffles Hotel Wedding Review


I love weddings! Especially if it’s a family member’s wedding because we get to see one another and catch up. Glad to chat with relatives who have flown from Europe and Australia to attend the wedding.  So happy for my cousin; she was positively glowing with bliss on that special day.

Hubby and I arrived early at the tea ceremony, so the Golden Retriever kept us entertained.


Here comes the Bride and Groom!



The wedding banquet was held at Raffles Hotel’s ballroom, decorated with chandeliers and landscape murals. Brides, if you are looking for a high ceiling ballroom, this would not be suitable.




Wedding favors were luggage tags and bag hooks. Practical gifts which were crafted in a classy manner.




My first encounter of a lion dance performance during a wedding dinner. Many guests were snapping pictures excitedly…including me, haha.




My first time sipping on this iconic cocktail, which was invented by a bartender working in Raffles hotel, sometime before 1915. Most hotels stop serving cocktails once the dinner starts, but Raffles Hotel continues to serve them throughout the night.


Dinner was a 4 course Western affair. Bread is free-flow.


Service was superb. Hubby was having a headache because he did not have enough coffee that day. I told the waiter I wanted coffee, he went: “oh, coffee will be served during dessert time.”

I : “he’s having caffeine withdrawal….”

Waiter with a thumb-up sign: “ok, I go get caffeine” and rushed to kitchen. Appreciate that he genuinely made the effort to get the coffee quickly, so that Hubby can get some relief asap.

Marinated tuna loin with curry citrus pomelo pickles and tobiko vinaigrette. The tuna loin was a bit too raw for my liking, but the quail egg and vinaigrette were good which I mopped up with bread.


Cream of tomato roma, confit chicken ravioli, squid ink grissini. Thick yet smooth soup, which was surprisingly filling.  Roma tomatoes are less juicy than other tomatoes and hence have a more concentrated flavor. I find it a tad too salty alone, but when paired with bread, its delicious. The serving of the soup was generous, plus because of its richness, this course was quite filling.




Medallion of fillet mignon with truffle jus, served with fondant potato, tomato confit and baby spinach. Hubby has his steak medium rare; the meat was pink, tender and succulent.


Getting my dose of Omega 3 with this deep sea fish, also known as sablefish. Roasted black cod fillet with salmon caviar and calvados butter sauce, also served with fondant potato, tomato confit and baby spinach. Black cod has flaky yet silky and soft texture, with a rich buttery taste, which the chef enhances with a butter and apple brandy sauce mix. The fondant potato had crusty and crunchy edges on the outside, while being creamy inside. I wished the outside was more crusty and the inside more soft and creamy though.


Irish coffee bavaroise, baileys and coffee cream, orange crumble roasted espresso ice cream -OK dessert. Neither taste nor presentation impressed. Oh well, at least the fish and soup were awesome.


Manage to grab the busy bride for a quick photos. Once again, congratulations my dear cousin!


Ended the night with a pic with Mei Mei 🙂



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