Staccato Shoes Review

I noticed quite a few searches for Staccato shoes which lead to my blog, but I have yet to do a proper post on it, so here goes.

Staccato is currently my favorite brand of shoes but I can’t help but notice that the variety in Singapore is not as wide as Hong Kong and Macau, which is such a disappointment as a girl can never have too many shoes.

3 years ago, a relative living in Hong Kong recommend this brand while I was searching for wedding shoes. I bought a silvery pair to match wedding gowns and a crochet lace pair to go with my evening wear.




I make it a point to purchase good quality, comfortable shoes because I want to take care of my feet, legs and back. By the way, did you know that the foot contains more bones than any part of the body? So do take care of your feet!

Staccato shoes are mostly made from calf leather, which explains why they feel so soft and comfortable. So far, I have yet to sustain any blisters while wearing them. The insoles are padded and the out-soles have adequate friction ridges to prevent slipping. Sometimes, the out-soles heel area have a layer of  rubber reinforcement which gives support and also prevent slipping.


Each pair retails for about $160; you can save up to 30-50% during sales (although there is a risk some sizes may be unavailable). Occasionally with certain credit cards, there is a 10-15% discount.

The first pair of Staccato shoes which i purchased in Singapore. I am lukewarm towards this pair as I realized after some time of wearing, I am not fond of shoes with rubberized back.


My favorite pair before it became too damaged to be worn, thanks to the cobblestone flooring in Europe which scratched them. I walked a lot in Europe, but didn’t suffer from painful feet thanks to these shoes.  The tasteful gold heels makes this nude kicks stand out from what other brands were offering. I wanted to purchase another pair but it was no longer available, sigh!


Chic nude pointed kitty heels- currently my favorite pair of shoes as the heels is are not too high, yet the pointed toe design gives the illusion of long, slim legs.



Versatile pumps leaning towards tan. I wear them when I don’t have to walk around too much.



Casual wedge which matches practically all of my outfits.



I just bought this today 🙂 Sophisticated yet understated design. Instead of the common bright yellow gold tips, these are leaning towards rose gold. Plus the heels also has rose gold detail.



If you noticed, I tend to buy colors which are easy to work with. This is because I am too busy and lazy to match my clothes with my shoes, hahahaha. Staccato do stock bright colors like blue, orange and green but I am reluctant to spend so much on vivid colored shoes which I can only match with selected outfits. And since my clothes are mostly vibrant, it makes more sense for me to get neutral colored shoes.

Staccato boutiques are located in Vivo city and Raffles City. They are also available at Robinsons.






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  1. Anita

    Nice collection of neutral hued shoes. I find Staccato shoes comfortable as well as elegant, which is possible. Not all shoe manufacturers get that! I have a couple of pairs of Staccato sued stilettos bought on sale from Raffles city for a steal 🙂


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