Bangkok Travelogue: St Regis Buffet Breakast Review

intro 1

We were delighted with the scrumptious buffet breakfast served in Viu at St Regis Bangkok. Even after 4 consecutive days of eating the same buffet, I still enjoyed it very much. Perhaps this was because of the extensive spread that the hotel had; we were spoilt for choice! In addition, the quality of the food was superb, picky me could not fault anything (except the coffee).

The view we admired while dining

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Viu serves freshly squeezed juices (SCORE!), securely packed in glass bottles with stoppers to prevent oxidation of the precious,  nutritious vitamins. You can choose from orange, guava, watermelon, carrot, mango and apple juice. The juices are 100% freshly squeezed and not diluted with any water. After drinking a few bottles every morning, I felt so healthy and my skin was glowing. Thank you St Regis, for the “natural facial” !

juice  1

The staff are very attentive, whenever you change juices, they will give you a new cup.

juice 2

Booster juice shots: Morning booster and Siam Mary

juice 3

Coffee was disappointing, I expected freshly brewed coffee from a machine rather then this


The fridge behind the juices stores yoghurts, milk (fresh, lot fat, soy) and fruit salads, cling wrapped to ensure freshness. Many other hotels I have been to either store their milk in a oh-so-boring dispensing container or in a glass jar which is not even in the fridge (gosh, I don’t dare to drink it). I appreciate that St Regis display their milk in a classy and hygienic manner.

milk 1

Fruit salad and packed commercial yoghurts

milk 3

Homemade yoghurt and Greek yoghurt

milk 2

Bread, confectionary and cheese section






Fruits and cereals


cereal 1

cereal 2

Salad and cold meats section

salad 2

salad 1

Order your eggs at the eggs station and inform the staff your table number. You do not  waste your time standing around waiting for your eggs to be cooked as a staff will bring them your table. This is what I call service!



Egg white omelette- goodness without the cholesterol



Eggs Florentine


Eggs Benedict


Sushi Bar with fresh scallops. This is the first time I encountered scallops during breakfast; rather impressive, don’t you think?



Noodle Station with serving 4 different noodle dishes. Again, just place your order and it will be served to your table.

Pad Poy Sean – stirred fried glass noodle with prawns
Drunken noodle- stirred fried rice noodle with basil and pork
Yen Ta Fo- Red soup, fish ball, rice noodle
Bamee Ped Toon- egg noodle, duck breast, brown soup

noodle 1

I tried all of them and my favorite was Pad Poy Sean.

noodle 2

The cooked food section


Custard bun/ BBQ pork bun/ Vegetarian Spring roll/ Prawn and chicken in golden bag/ Pandan Chicken


Vegetarian Gyoza /French toast /Pancakes and waffles


Grilled tomatoes/ Baked beans/ Pork Sausage/ Chicken Sausage/ Hash Brown/ Bacon


Miso Soup with condiments


Pork/ Chicken/Fried rice with egg/ Stirred fried vegetable/ Steamed Rice/Duck with gravy


A fraction of the food we gobbled up 🙂





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