Peony Jade Buffet Dinner

Peony Jade at Keppel Club is currently having a 1 for 1 ala carte buffet dinner promotion, which ends in August. Its available daily and you don’t need to possess any particular credit card to enjoy the discount. But, you need a minimum of 4 persons.


This offer is not actively promoted; it’s not even stated on their webpage. I only knew about this because I heard it from a friend.

Peony jade specializes in traditional Szechuan and Cantonese cuisines. Décor is very traditional Chinese while service is politely brisk.


Location is rather inconvenient to get to via public transport. If you drive, do remember to ask for the parking rebate if you spend more than $80.

3 years ago, I had dim sum ala carte buffet at this branch. The food was delicious and I left with positive impression. However, today’s dinner was rather disappointing. Certain dishes do stand out, but the rest were sadly, quite mediocre. Perhaps it’s because this was a 1 for 1 buffet, hence the food standards and quality were lower.

Diners are only entitled to 1 serving of the following:


You can order as many servings as you wish:




Mini Buddha Jump Over the wall- A healthy soup rich in calcium and protein, flavorsome and fortifying.


Atlantic Salmon Sashimi


Deep fried Live Soon Hock with soya sauce. I enjoyed the crispy skin as well as the delicious sauce; it could have been better if more soya sauce was added.


Pan-seared pork chop with Homemade Frutti sauce-Extremely soft and tender meat, accompanied by savory gravy with a hint of sweetness.


Wok tossed crabs with white pepper was decent


Poached fresh prawns with Chinese wine was one of the highlights of the night.


Sautéed Sakura chicken with three cup sauce.


Marinated smoked duck omelet- competently done.


Fish sliced “Thai” style was boring. Perhaps it was not in line of what I expected; I would have preferred spicy-sweet Thai sauce, not cloying sweet sauce.


Szechuan hot and sour soup rich and savory, and quite spicy (yeah, I like). It could have been better there were more bamboo shoots though.


Deep fried prawn paste chicken was poorly executed-prawn paste flavor is non-existent in both the skin and meat.


Deep fried prawns with cereal


Sliced Venison with black pepper sauce


Soup of the day was Fen Ge soup which was heart-warming and tasted “homely”. Fen Ge is a root vegetable with heat-dispersing properties and is great for the complexion. It is known as Kudze root in English. On the first mouthful, it immediately brought me back to my childhood days *think skinny food critic who ate Ratatouille cooked by the mouse in the movie Ratatouille* My Grandma used to cook this humble vegetable soup frequently, before she left us 🙁


Stewed spinach with Abalone Jus


One of my favorite dishes of the day: Poached spinach in Superior stock. These healthy green were done just right, complimented by prominent flavors from the superior stock.



For desserts, we had chilled almond longan bean curd, hot cream of red bean, chilled sea coconut and sweet dumpling coated with peanuts. Haphazard presentation of the dumplings was a tad annoying…



1 for 1 Buffet dinner
Adult: $49.90++
Child (6-10 years old): $24.90++
Min 4 persons

Peony Jade
Keppel Club (M, level)
Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918
Tel: 62769138/62768327

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