Bangkok Travelogue: What We Did Part 3

Busy busy week! Finally had the time to do up this final blog post on my Bangkok Trip. This post features reviews on restaurants and cafes we tried in the upscale Siam Paragon Mall.



Hubby and I settled at Another Hound Café for a late lunch. Following the success of the famous Greyhound café, Another Hound was set up. Sweet Hound, the dessert bar, is just next door. If you are dining in Another Hound, you can order any dessert from Sweet Hound and it will be brought to you.


Another Hound has an extensive menu, focusing on Thai food with Italian twists The décor is urban romantic-gothic, very sexy looking. Service was efficient and polite. We lunched 2.30pm hence the café was rather empty, so we were given a lot of attention. Prices are very affordable and the food was decent.


Minced Pork and Smoked Bacon Balls served with plain rice, clear winter melon soup and vegetables (190 baht). The meat balls were fragrant and flavorsome; fried garlic complimented the meat well and gave a delightful crunch.



Moules Au Vin Blanc (480 baht): Steamed blue mussels with white wine, chilli and herbs, served with a chunky black olive toast. I loved the rich broth, which was quite spicy, but not ridiculously numbing such that you can’t taste the delicious broth.


Red Velvet Waffles! You have gotta try this! The moist and soft waffles have dried cranberries inside.For 220 baht, you can choose 2 waffle flavors and 3 toppings.



Glace A La Lavande (75 baht): Lavender ice cream with pistachio is smooth, creamy yet light, with a delicate aroma.


Dinner at the famed Four Seasons Restaurant (unrelated to the high-end hotel chain) from UK. There are 3 branches of the Four Seasons Restaurant in London and just one abroad in Bangkok. While I was in London last year, I missed the chance to try their raved roasted duck. So this time, I made sure I had the duck!



Service was indifferent while the food was a tad pricy. The dishes we ordered were competently executed.

2 combination barbecued meat (220 baht): Char Siew and Roasted duck. The duck was good, but not mind-blowing. According to the waiter, their ducks are stuffed with herbs and spices, then marinated in vinegar and maltose syrup before roasting. After adding their exclusive duck sauce, the result is moist flesh, drenched in sweet flavors. Definitely over-hyped!


Chinese Mustard Soup with Pork and Salted Egg (140 baht)


Sweet and Sour Prawns (450 baht)


Seafood Tofu Clay Pot


French Beans with Shredded Beef (280 baht). We ordered this because we wanted to have healthy greens, but as you can see, the portion of the meat is overwhelming. Four Seasons should change the name to Shredded Beef with French beans.


After dinner, we proceed to queue at After You Café , heaven for peeps with sweet tooths. This self service cafe’s mantra is “There’s always room for dessert”.  The atmosphere is busy and cramped, and there are always others waiting for a table so we hurriedly had our sweets and left.



Peach and Passion Fruit Soda (95 baht) and Iced Honey Lemon Tea (85 baht)


Hot Chocolate with a block of mash mellow (165 baht)



Shibuya Honey Toast (165 baht) is a thick chunk of toast served with vanilla ice cream and honey. Ther serving is quite big, and it enough to share among two. This humble dessert is simple, but yet so yummy. The warm salty toast contrasts well with the cold and sweet ice cream. Honey comes in a jar so you can personally adjust how sweet you wish your dessert to be.



Other variations available are: Cheddar Cheese Toast (195 baht), Nutella Toast (185 baht), Sticky Toffee Toast (175 baht), Chocolate Toast (185 baht), Strawberry Cream Toast (195 baht), Chocolate Toast with Strawberry (195 baht), Chocolate Toast with Banana (195 baht) and Matcha Toast (195 baht)

A good Chocolate lava cake (165 baht) does wonders for the soul




Caramel Custard Pudding (75 baht)


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