Peony Jade Mooncakes 2013

Bought loads of mooncakes for family from Peony Jade counter at Vivocity. I always knew that Peony Jade is famous for their Flaky pastry Teochew Yam mooncakes. Today, I am pleasantly surprised that their other creations are superb as well.


Promoter Deanis was warm and personable; she enthusiastically recommended Peony Jade’s offerings.  I took home 4 boxes of these babies, some for us and some for Grandma.

As we were having sore throats, I decided to give this a miss. Yam mooncakes can only be kept for up to 5 days with refrigeration.  Deanis informed me that the counter will be in VivoCity until 19th Sept, so  I can drop by to purchase fresh ones when we get better.


Do try to purchase before the end of the week to enjoy the early bird discount.  Before 1st Sept, if you purchase 2 boxes or more, there is a 20% discount. From the 2nd of Sept onwards, you will need to buy 4 boxes in order to enjoy 20% discount.

Now let’s take a look at the mooncakes!


Mini Snowskin Salted Gula Melaka and Coconut with Valrhona Dark Chocolate Pearl Mooncake ($48 for 8 pieces). Wow, this is so adventurous and exotic! Absolutely mind-blowing!



First, you can taste the mild flavor of the snowskin, followed by decadent sweetness from the Gula Meleka, perfectly balanced by salt to prevent cloying. Finally, chew on the crunchy Valrhona Dark Chocolate Pearl!


Durian lovers cannot miss this highly sought-after moon cake! Even Durian-haters like me can’t deny that Peony Jade Mao Shan Wang Moon Cake in Organic Pandan Snow Skin is ethereal.



Yes, it’s absolutely divine! Made with 100% premium Mao Shan Wang durian pulp, this rich moon cake will definitely tantalize your taste buds. It’s no surprise that this creation has won awards; The Sunday Times Lifestyle top choice award in 2010 and Her World Plus Moon cake award in 2012.


Price: $74 for 4 pieces and $42 for 2 pieces. Its rather pricy but its sooo worth it.

Traditionalists-at-heart will love Baked Moon Cake with Sugar-free Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste and Melon Seeds. The lotus paste is very fine and melts in the mouth. Health conscious folks will enjoy this guilt-free, scrumptious option.




Price: $54 for 4 pieces and $29 for 2 pieces

With $180 spending in a single receipt, Tangs will present you with a tin of complimentary tea leaves. I received some of these precious tea leaves during a tasting event last month and fell in love with it. 1872 Clipper Tea and Co. Yunan Silver Tips is an alluring white tea with a distinctive delicate aroma.


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