Northeast China Sneak Peek and Tour Review


I recently returned from on a 10 day tour to Northeastern China with Dynasty Travel. Known as Dong Bei in Mandarin, this land was once the territory of the Manchus. This far flung region has a unique cultural identity with a blend of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian influences.

I felt that the tour was quite good. At the beginning, I was a bit bored because Dalian didn’t interest me at all. But as the tour continues, I discovered that China’s beauty is breathtaking. Now, I am super keen to explore other parts of China. One more country to my wanderlust list 🙂

The itinerary



This is our friendly and cheerful tour guide, Xiao hei. His hilarious jokes and commentary made the long road trips fun. Thank you, Xiao Hei, for always looking out for us, making sure that we are comfortable in our rooms and never letting us go hungry!


Now for a sneak peek of North Eastern China! I will blog in detail when I am free. But at the moment I still have a backlog of Europe, Korea and Perth….

Red Beach in Panjin


ShenYang Gu Gong aka Mukden Palace


Chang Bai Shan aka Mt Changbai



Russian Town


Me feeding a tiger at the Mancurian Tiger Park *squeals*


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