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A long overdued post on our Osim uDivine App Massage Chair ($6088) which we purchased in May. Osim has recently launched a newer massage chair in late August, uInfinity ($7988), which cost about 1.9k more. The price difference is huge!

This massage chair is one of the best investments we spent on this year. I hunch at work most of the time and end up going home with stiff and sore shoulders. Sometimes the pain can get so bad that I have difficulty sleeping. I often have to stand for long hours as well, resulting in achy calves.

Osim uDivine App is my savior! Just 15-30 minutes solves all my body ache problems! I don’t have to book any appointments with a massage therapist and trouble myself with travelling. It’s so convenient to have a effective massage chair at home 🙂

I tried uAngel massage sofa, and also uInfinity. uAngel definitely is definitely not in the same league as uInfinity and uDivine App. After a 15 min massage, I did not feel refreshed and my muscles still ached.

Comparing the uInfinity and Udivine App, I think the uInfinity is better for my family. This is because with the uInfinity, you can adjust the strength level of the massage programs, whereas for the uDivine App, you can only adjust the strength level in manual mode. I like strong massages so the uDivine App is good for me. But for my hubby, he prefers massages with lesser force, so uInfinity is more suitable. uInfinity also targets the lower back and thighs (back) better then uDivine App. In addition, uInfinity has more massage programs.

So far, I am happy with my uDivine App, we paid about 4k plus after a trade in. Plus we bought it from Tangs during member’s sale and enjoyed a 12% rebate.

Now, for my review on the uDivine App!

The quality of the leather is really good; it feels comfortable against the skin. The pillow has to be lifted up so that the rollers can reach the neck muscles. You can remove the pillow from the chair, if you wish.


The chair does arm and hand massage, as well has calf, ankle and feet massage. See that flap on the chair? It presses against the hips and lifts the upper body up during massages, so the massage rollers press against the shoulder muscles snugly. I love this function of the chair because it feels just like having a massage therapist working on the shoulders.


We don’t use this at all…its to connect your iphone to the chair.


This is what the remote looks like. We kept the plastic on…haha. On the screen, you can see icons of the different massage programs. If you have the chance, do try the Stretch program, its mind blowing!


On the back the remote, there is list of programs and their corresponding icons.



In the manual mode, you can adjust the rollers to the exact spot you wish to target upon, as well as the strength and type of massage.



uDivine App has now become an important part of my life. it certainly helps me to sleep better, relieve me of all kinds of aches, keeping me in top form for work and play!

If you find that you do not need thigh massages, and uInfinity is out of your budget, do consider uDivine App 🙂

3 thoughts on “Osim uDivine App Massage Chair

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Ed,

      I have tried both models and personally I find uInfinity reaches, “catch/grabs” and massages (esp kneading) the back muscles wayyyy better than uDivine App. HTHs 🙂

      1. Ed Chi

        I tried about 20min on the uInfinity and 5min on the udivine app, and felt that the uinfinity does seem stronger and more human hand like. So my experience matches yours. Thanks for the reply.

        Beautiful blog and pictures.

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