Skinfood Honey Black Tea Foam Cleansers


I have received a few requests to blog on my skincare regimen and the makeup products I use. I shall be staring with skincare first, so here goes!

I have been using Skinfood’s Honey Black Tea Bubble Foam since February this year. Previously I was The Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing foam, which was good until my skin type become drier. So I switch to a cleanser which is more moisturizing.

Skinfood’s Honey Black Tea Bubble Foam contains honey and black tea extracts, and smells absolutely gorgeous.  Because it’s a self foaming cleanser, I save some time everyday lathering up the cleanser. Yeah, I know it only takes a few seconds to lather something up, but when you are rushing for work, this self foaming function helps heaps!

I pump is sufficient for the face. 1 bottle lasts me for about 2.5 months.


The sales assistant claims that the black tea extract washes away dead skin cells, making the skin look radiant. I don’t notice this effect at all. But the honey extract really does moisturise and soothes the skin. After each cleanse, my skin feels soft.

I feel that this cleanser is quite basic. For me, it serves its purpose-clean and moisturized skin. In Singapore, one bottle costs $27.60, which I think it’s rather pricy for a basic cleanser. In Korea, its selling for only 7700 Won, which is SGD $9. The price difference is annoying! I stocked up a few bottles in Korea, and when my current stash depletes, I will most likely purchase from Qoo10.

Because Skinfood is so cheap in Korea, I bought the Jelly Foam too. I pack this when I am travelling because it does not leak as much as the Bubble Foam. However, I find it frustrating that I need to work very hard to lather up the Jelly Foam. Plus the foam is little compared to the Bubble Foam.


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