Magnum Pleasure Store


I have not been to Vivo for ages and was pleasantly surprised to discover Magnum’s pop-up store at The Plaza (the outdoor space nearby Bakerzin and Swarovski).


The store is very small, with only a few seats for diners who order from the menu. At the entrance, there are comfy sofas on the left and right. Customized Magnums are for take-away only.



It cost $7 for a customized Magnum which I felt was something different and fun! Only vanilla ice cream is available though, such a pity as Magnum’s dark chocolate ice cream is fantastic.


There are 18 toppings for you to choose from, some are classic while the others are unique.

-Chilli Flake
-Red Chocolate Heart
-Chocolate Crunchies
-Gold Flake
-Gold Nugget
-Rice Puff
-Popping Candy
-Sea Salt
-Almond Flake
-Sunflower Seeds
-Caramel Chip
-Coffee Dusting
-Dried Mixed Flower
-Rose Petals
-Dried Cranberry
-Macadamia Chip

Gold nugget topping looks interesting, doesn’t it?


First choose your coating: milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Then sprinkle on 3 toppings, and finally drizzle some chocolate sauce!



Tada! Magnum with white chocolate coating, dried flowers, almond flakes and chocolate hearts with dark chocolate drizzle 🙂


I tried 4 dessert creations from the menu.

Doesn’t A Midsummer’s Night Dream ($18) looks too pretty to be eaten? This dessert has edible flowers, assorted fizzy berries, white chocolate sheet and a Magnum.



Rockie “M” ($16): Chocolate brownies, assorted pillowy marshmallows, nuts and a Magnum. An OK dessert with a price tag on the high side. Sorry, my pictures look a bit dark, because we had them in the alfresco area at night.



Venice In A Jar ($14): Coffee and rum-infused sponge fingers, mascarpone cheese, chocolate flakes and a Magnum. Sorely lacking in espresso and alcohol; it was mostly cream and cocoa.


The Drunken Pear ($17): Fresh pear slices poached in Merlot and Chardonnay, chocolate sauce and a Magnum. Poached pears were waaaayyyy to hard and I was struggling to cut them.


The Plaza
1 Habourfront Walk

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