Outfit Post: Headline Seoul, Martina Pink, Mu


Hi dears! For the upcoming weeks, I shall be doing outfit posts for clothing which I have purchased these few months 🙂 Tangs Orchard has a new Korean label; the designs are unique and have definitely captured my attention, plus some space in my wardrobe!

Headline Seoul is a fast fashion brand that combines the hottest fashion treads with Seoul’s sizzling street style. I found my dresses in Tangs Vivocity, which stocks smart-casual and weekend wear while the Orchard store has statement and key executive fashion.  Headline Seoul’s boutique is located in Wheelock Place.

This dress has a simple cut which flares out, with striking print and a cute pocket.  The material is very light-weight, perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.  I bought the same dress in 2 different colors; there’s a third color which is midnight blue.





Floral print Âľ pants with crochet lace trimming from Martina Pink, Tangs. Certainly something different compared with many other clothing brands, which usually stocks long pants with floral print. I have always adored Martina Pink because attention is showered upon every detail- look at the floral patterned crochet lace!



I chanced upon casual avant garde label, Mu, by Singapore designer Alfie Leong. Mu fuses both east and west, creating unconventional constructions of design, without the restrictions of silhouettes or colours. The label aims to strike a balance by blurring the lines between creativity and practicality, creating clothes for modern women who wish to purchase individualism.

So here’s my super duper colourful dress from Mu. There are 2 buttons inside the dress, around the waist area. You can choose to wear it in 3 different ways: 1) a flare dress, 2) buttoned up on one side which produce ruffles on one side, 3) buttoned up on both sides.


Side view design when the skirt is buttoned up. I didn’t iron it hence the material looks crumpled…oops
Check out the unique design at the back and the white trimming at the end of the dress.



Cardigan from Mu with an impressive design. It can be donned in 3 ways.



Kimono. By the way, credit goes to Georgina for giving me such a good cut which tamed my messy locks.


Cropped Jacket ( you will need to use a brooch or tape to secure it)



Looking forward to collecting more pieces from Mu 🙂 Details on where to find Mu is on their facebook page here.

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