Outfit Post: Island Shop, L’zzie, Womb, Martina Pink, Korean Winter Wear


I bought this Island shop from Tangs dress because MIL and I planned to visit Vietnam for a resort vacation. But we landed up going on a tour to China in autumn, haha.

Island Shop draws inspiration from vacations on exotic getaways, using natural materials and blending it with ethnic prints. This 100% cotton dress has a cotton lining, and detailed embroidery. Comfy dress which is perfect for lounging around!

Close up of the embroidery on the front and back…


…and the bottom of the dress


Faded floral print stretchable pants from L’zzie, a brand which derives inspiration from the romance of Parisian countryside.


It’s pretty and perfect for casual outings…


…but my main gripe is the quality of the zip. This sort of zip is not very secure and succumbs easily to wear and tear.


I wished L’zzie used this sort of high-quality zip. Another thing to note is you have to iron the pants inside out, because if you iron on the prints, it gives off a stinky plastic-ky smell.


My first top from Womb, by a local designer Ms Kmi Huang, who opened her first boutique in 2002. Womb’s apparels are innovative, sophisticated and ultra chic. Only limited pieces are made for each design, hence I make it a point to visit their stores regularly.


Close up of the hand-made beaded necklace by talented Ms Georgina Quek, who recently opened a salon and spa.


White princess-y dress from Martina Pink, Tangs.


Check out the creative use of fabric-behind the sheer embroidered outer layer, lies an inner lining with a cute print.


Here are some of my winter outfits which I got from Korea: feminine peach trench coat, casual trench coat and a green knit top 🙂

15 tile

16 tile

17 tile

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