Perth Foodlogue 1: Nicholson’s, Hong Kong Seafood Chinese Restaurant , San Churros



Finally had the time to start blogging about my Perth trip in June this year. After O-levels, I moved to Perth to study high school and then continue on to complete my degree. I worked full time for more than a year before relocating back to Singapore. My posts on Perth would mainly be about food, since I didn’t do any touristy stuff during my short stay of 5 days.

Lunched at Nicholson’s Bar and Grill located in Canningvale. I was absolutely famished; Nicholson’s was on my list since it’s popular because of the generous serving size and value for money price tag. The food has never been great and it still isn’t. However, it’s still good enough for casual family or group outings.





You have to queue to order food and drinks, what a pain! Remember to bring enough cash to foot the bill. There is an ATM available but be prepared to pay a fee.

Lemon Lime Bitters (AUD $3.50)-my all time favourite drink during my 7 years in Australia! Hot water is FOC, surprisingly. In many F&B outlets in Australia, water is chargeable.


Behold! My humongous portion of Chilli Mussels (AUD $29). Fresh mussels are steamed in a white wine, chunky tomato, garlic and chilli sauce, served with a fresh baguette. So far in Singapore, I have yet to come across chilli mussels that taste like the ones in Perth, so I had to eat my fill. If you know any place in Singapore that has similar chilli mussels, please let me know!



My finger is in the picture for size comparison…


Honey Chicken (AUD $25): Strips of chicken in a crisp beer batter served with honey and seeded mustard sauce, fries and salad. Meat was poorly marinated, resulting in a boring and bland main course. Perhaps it’s because the chicken is supposed to be dipped in the honey and mustard sauce. However, the sauce would have fared better if the honey didn’t overwhelm the mustard.



Marinar’s Platter (AUD$ 39): a selection of beer battered fish, grilled butterfly prawns, salt and pepper squid served with tartare sauce, beer battered fries and salad. Shame that the calamari was not springy and fish was bland.



As you can see, the servings are hearty. There were 4 of us and we only needed to order 3 mains. Total bill came up to AUD $96.50, which works out to be about $24/pax. Reasonably priced indeed!

Nicholson’s Bar and Grill
6 Birnam Road, Canningvale WA 6155

Next, heart-warming Asian food at Hong Kong Seafood Chinese Restaurant (also known as Hong Kong BBQ House Chinese Restaurant) with my Uni friends :). My family used to frequent this humble restaurant for many years. After renovation, the restaurant looks posh and prices went up quite significantly, but we still came back for the irresistible food. One thing to note is that the cooking is very consistent; we used to visit fortnightly and were never disappointed. But this time round, 3 years after my last visit, I left feeling slightly discontented. Perhaps my taste buds have grown more fussy….


Roast Combination Platter of 2,3 or 4 choices which come in small (AUD $24) or large (AUD $30) serving. This establishment is well known for their roast meats but this dish didn’t sit well with me. Roasted pork belly’s skin lacked crunch while the fats were unevenly distributed. The meat was reasonably soft, but does not melt in the mouth. Duck and Char Siew were competently done, but not really outstanding.


Beef Brisket (AUD $22) was juicy and well-seasoned. The sauce was a win and it would be great if I had steamed buns to mop it up.


King Prawns and Vermicelli with XO sauce (AUD $30). The prawns are usually served with shells so if you prefer your prawns de-shelled, remember to tell the waiter. Prawns were super fresh and springy, but XO sauce lacked flavour.


There is something there is something intrinsically satisfying about Eggplant with Salted Egg Yolk (AUD $18). Fried to perfection, each piece is light, airy and not oily.


Braised Vegetable with Crab Meat Sauce (AUD $22) – vegetables done right, topped with chunky succulent crabmeat for a luxe factor


Hong Kong Seafood Chinese Restaurant
76 Francis St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

We proceeded to San Churros to end the night on a sweet note. San Churros takes pride in their Spanish couverture chocolate and churros.



Churros, or Spanish doughnuts, are long, lightly deep-fried pastries made from a light flour and water batter.  Crispy, golden and dusted with cinnamon sugar, churros are traditionally served with a cup of thick and rich Spanish hot chocolate.


We ordered Churros Fiesta (AUD $39.95) which consists of 18 churros and 6 dip cups namely, Milk couverture chocolate, white couverture chocolate, dark couverture chocolate, vanilla ice cream, Spanish caramel.


I like my churros chewy, crisp and flaky. These are absolutely perfect. I favour the vanilla ice cream dip amongst the rest.


We ordered beverages as well….a good chocolate drink does wonders for the soul 🙂







San Churros has more than 30 stores in Australia; do try their churros and chocolate drinks if you are visiting.

Final pic with my uni friends, WH is in the picture this time….Hope to you all again soon!



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