Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain Serum + Massage Tutorial


Clarins understand how important it is for Asian women to have a slim V-shape face and created a facial contouring product to target fats in the face. There are 5 main pockets where fat is distributed-2 on each cheek, 2 on each side of the jaw and 1 under the chin. When fats accumulate in the in these pockets, the face appear round and heavy. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum, made from the purest plant extracts, has multiple ingredients to visibly refine features, thanks to the elimination of excess fatty deposits and fluid retention.

The key active ingredients and their benefits are:

Caffeine, strengthened by sunflower extract and escin: reduces excess fatty deposits and fluid retention

Oat sugars: lifting and reshaping effect on the skin resulting in sleeker, younger-looking features. Does not leave feel feeling uncomfortable.

Alchemilla extract: Protect against dark spots that dull the complexion, resulting radiant skin.

There are 2 sizes available (50ml/100ml) and each pump dispenses different amounts of product. Today I am going to share my massage technique, which is a combination of steps from Clarins’s Manual “Auto-Lifting Method” and my TCM beautician. I have been an avid user of this facial contouring product ever since its launch in 2011 and have finished up several bottles.

I use 3 pumps from the 100ml bottle (2 pumps is sufficient from the 50ml bottle), which is enough for my eyes, cheeks and jaw line. The consistency is like a light “water-like” moisturizer, which smells heavenly with floral accents.


Spread the serum on the hands and press onto eyes, cheeks and jaw. The first half of my massage is done seated, elbows on the knees, head down, resting the full weight in the palms on the hands. The weight of the head creates ideal pressure.


Completely cover the eyes and eye contour with the palms. Hold for 15 seconds


Side view


How the hand position looks like from the front view


Move the hands onto the cheeks, slightly separating them to leave room for the nose. Hold for 15 seconds.


How the hand position looks like from the front view


Rest the chin in the palms of the hands with the hands open holding the jaw. Hold for 15 seconds. This is how the hand position should look like when the head is facing DOWN and elbows on the knees.


My verdict is that this product, in combination with SK II Stempower cream and massage, does help to reduce puffy cheeks, smile lines are less obvious and skin is firmer. As I have not used this product alone before, I cannot tell how much benefits I can reap out of this single serum. But I will definitely continue using it because if I don’t, my face will look bloated due to water retention.

Click here for Part 2, where I did a review SK II Stempower cream, as well as share the 2nd half of my massage routine.


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