12-inch Pizza and Records


Located on the 4th floor of V hotel above Lavender MRT Station, there is a pizzeria with electric interior with the feel and groove of the classic 12-inch records. This F&B establishment, opened by the Timbre Group, serves a wide range of savory and sweet dessert pizzas, appetizers, salads, main courses and pastas. You can choose to dine indoors or alfresco in the huge outdoor seating area.  Indoor seats are limited so you may wish to make a reservation to secure it.

We visited on a Saturday night, but the pizzeria very quiet as only 3 tables were occupied. After the all the food arrived, I understood why.

We had 4 different flavors of pizza, but only one of them was good.

Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce ($19): Sliced roasted duck, hoisin sauce, shiitake mushroom and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust. Topped with crispy popiah skin and drizzled with hoisin sauce. This fusion pizza was the saving grace. The duck meat was soft and tender while and sweet hoison sauce complemented the popiah skin very well.  I expected the star of the dish to be the roasted duck, but no, the hoisin sauce and crispy popiah skin stole the limelight! I wish there was more duck meat though….



Next we had a combination of 2 flavours: Goodfellas and Triple Mushroom. These pizzas cost $19 and $16 respectively for whole pizzas.


Goodfellas consists of plump shrimps, sweet garlic butter, curry leaves and mozzarella cheese spread on a thin crust. It’s topped with egg and cereals. It was quite bland and tasted empty….


Triple Mushroom fared better. Sliced shiitake mushroom with tomato pomdoro sauce and mozzarella cheese spread on a thin crust. Topped with thin strips of crispy enoki and button mushrooms. I love the harmonious flavours from the fragrant mushrooms and tomato sauce, but felt that the fried enoki mushroom toppings somewhat spoils this dish as it has a bland, powdery after taste which none of us liked.


Garlic Shrimp Pizza ($17): Plump shrimps, sliced onions with bordelaise sauce, garlic lemon butter and mozzarella cheese spread on a thin crust. Topped with chopped cilantro.


We were all looking forward to this pizza and it was such a letdown. Not only was it sorely lacking in garlic flavour, the small serving of 7 dry shrimps on was a dismay. The pizza looks like it has 14 shrimps because they are all sliced into halves. This is bland, tasteless and a waste of ingredients!

12-inch Pizza and Records
70 Jellicoe Road, V Hotel
Level 4
Singapore 208767
Tel: 62961622

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