Perth Foodlogue 2: Sumo Salad, Koko Black and Dragon Seafood Chinese Restaurant


I have always been a huge fan of Sumo Salad’s Grilled Chicken Caesar salad. Although Singapore now has a few braches of Sumo Salad, the taste is slightly different, because Aussie’s veges are fresher.


My large Grilled Chicken Caesar salad cost AUD $10.95 while Mummy had a Fire Cracker Sumo Bowl  (AUD $10.45), which consists of grilled chicken, baby spinach, crunchy slaw, fresh tomato, red onion and coriander tossed with steamed brown rice, red and while quinoa with a soy and citrus dressing.


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In the afternoon, I met up with 2 girlfriends for afternoon tea at Koko Black, a chocolate salon which opened in 2003. There are now 9 branches in Victoria, Western Australia and Canberra. None in Sydney though.


Koko Black is heaven for chocolate lovers, but do order with restraint. It can be diabetes inducing 🙂




Desserts are petite so you can have more than one!


Passers-by can watch the chocolatier handcrafting delicious little treats.


The truffle menu.


We ordered drinks, a chocolate platter and an afternoon tea set. The sweets fared much better than the savories.

Queen of Hearts afternoon tea set (AUD $42) is deceptively filling and enough for 2 to share.  2 drinks are included in the set and we had Koko Black’s signature traditional Belgian hot Chocolate. This hot chocolate must have fell from heaven. I have yet to come across a decadently rich hot chocolate like this.


Alo had a Raspberry Iced Chocolate (AUD $8.50), a twist form the traditional iced chocolate.  Other flavors available are mocha and caramelized coconut. Vanilla ice cream is added to keep the drink cool and thick. Not a single piece of ice was in sight, which is good, because the drink will not become diluted. Yeah, I know, this drink is a bit pricy, but hey, Koko Black delivers!


Our afternoon tea, served on a shaky 2 tier stand. Thumbs down for the faulty tableware. I am sure Koko Black can do better than this.


On the bottom tier sits 2 different hot toasted sandwiches; I prefer the Pastrami, gruyere and seeded mustard butter over the Sundried tomato pesto, eggplant and bocconcini. The pumpkin and goats curd tart was rather bland.


The top tier features:
Lemon curd tart
Vanilla Brulee Tart
Alice Lamington: delectable combination of sour cherry jam, cream, sponge and dark chocolate
White Chocolate Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis


Belgian Spoil (AUD $14): A traditional chocolate platter consisting of:
Chocolate Alchemy Cake: Koko Black’s signature chocolate cake layered with chocolate cream and crunchy chocolate soil
Hazelnut Praline Delice: Gianduja mousse layered with dark chocolate crème, hazelnut dacquiose and a praline crisp
Chocolate ice cream





Chocolate makes everything better and quality chocolate desserts complete me! Needless to say, we left the chocolate boutique with high blood sugar levels; but it has been worth every single bite and calorie.

Koko Black Claremont
Claremont Quarter, 23 St Quentin Avenue
Claremont WA 6010

I was craving for crabs so my Dear Daddy brought the family to Dragon Seafood Chinese Restaurant to satisfy my cravings.



The restaurant serves steamboat buffet dinners at $39/pax. I thought the variety looks quite good.


Crab meat and sweet corn soup (AUD $6.60) lacked flavor with only a small portion of chunky crab meat.  Sze Chuan Hot and Sour Soup (AUD $6.60) lacked dept and tasted flat.


Golden Snow Crab (AUD $45/pound). I highly recommend Singapore tourists to try snow crabs in Perth. You can’t find snow crabs this fresh and at this price in Singapore. Golden snow crab is a direct translation from the name of this dish in Mandarin. Crabs are fried with salted egg yolk, giving making the crab look yellow, as if coated in gold.


Sweet and succulent crab meat + salted egg yolk= WIN!


Salted Steamed Chicken (AUD $23.80) flesh was a too dry, although it was soft and tender.


Vermicelli with shredded duck and preserved vegetables (AUD $18.80) was average.


Dragon Seafood Chinese Restaurant
108 James Street
Perth, Western Australia 6003

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