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Hi Girls, I am doing a review today on my experience with Erabelle’s Brow Embroidery I did at the beginning of the year. I have brows that go up, but with no “tail” that come down, which make me look as though I am perpetually raising my eyebrows.


I was very apprehensive as I have heard many horror stories of brows turning red, green or blue. So my original intention was to get an eyebrow trimming to get my eyebrows shaped and learn how to draw my brows.

However, Master Artist Emily, convinced me to try Erabelle Brow Embroidery. She showed me many pictures of her works and also addressed my fears patiently. I was acquainted with Emily a few years back, because we used to work in the same shopping centre.  She told me with conviction:  “you will never regret it!” I was glad I trusted her because she was right!

My mom and MIL also did the brow embroidery with Emily after they saw my pretty brows. Haha!

I did the treatment at the elegantly decorated Vivocity branch.




Even their product displays are so pretty!



Erabelle has won several industry awards and everyone who works there has perfect brows. For someone who did zero research on brow embroidery, these certainly made me feel more confident of my impulsive decision.


Emily shaped my brows according to my face shape. She mentioned that my brow shape was already ideal, except for the missing “tail”.


I was ushered into the room where I will spend the next one and a half hours in.




My feet were wrapped up so that they would not feel cold and Emla numbing cream was applied. The anesthetic cream needs to be on the skin for 30 minutes and during this time, Emily did a patch test for the dye on my neck. All dye are of the highest safety standards in line with the European Cosmetic Directive and/or approved by FDA( Germany). However, if you have very sensitive skin, I will suggest that you do the patch test a few days prior to getting the treatment, because some allergies can take 24-48 hours to present.



Camera 360

Highest standards of hygiene are observed at Erabelle.


Emily used a soft stroke technique with the micropen, to apply colours just below the epidermis of the skin. It was not painful, but it felt scratchy, like a sharp pencil coloring the brows.



The completed look which look quite dark. After 1 week, the color will fade away and brows will look natural.


After the treatment, a yummy hot dessert was served 🙂



So here’s before:


And after a few months later….I would like to add that even after 10 months, there is still a faint shadow of my semi-permanent tattoo, which I fill up with eyebrow powder until I find time to go for another treatment.


After the treatment, my brows felt sore for about 1 week, especially when I cleansed my face. I had to buy Physiogel from the pharmacy to clean the brow area because my brows stung badly when coming into contact with my normal foaming cleanser.

Unfortunately for me, I was allergic to the aftercare cream.  I was not aware that I was allergic to it because I was told my brows will become red, itchy and scab due to the embroidery. I even applied more and more cream because my brows hurt, until I felt that something was wrong and made a trip down to show Emily my swollen brows. She told me that this was the first time she seen such a bad allergic reaction to the cream. I went to the doctor and was prescribed a steroid cream which solved the problem after 2 days. So lesson learnt here: do a patch test for any cream before applying to the face!  I must say that this is no fault of Erabelle because no company can guarantee that you won’t develop allergies to any product.




However, the minor unpleasant incident with the after-care cream will not stop me from getting my brows done by Erabelle. Their service is warm, sincere and professional,  plus I do look much better with Erabrow! My only grouse is that each treatment only lasts me for 6 months.


I paid $994 for a package which includes:
-3 semi-permanent colouring services
-Aftercare cream
-Service by Master Artist

I am glad that I signed the package earlier this year because Erabelle has launched updated technique and is charging much more.

For those who are keen in Erabelle’s facial and spa services, check out my blog review here 🙂
Erabelle Prestige Vivocity
1 Habourfront Walk
#02-01/02 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 63768336
Mon-Sun 11am-9.30pm

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