Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant


Brought mummy for a gourmet Chinese meal at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant because there was a Groupon deal. In the set meal,  there was abalone, soft shell crab and lobster soup- all are mummy’s favorites. The price is reasonable at $56.80++ (2pax) for a seafood meal, so why not?

The first Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant in Shanghai dates back more than a century ago. Its famed for its gigantic King Size Nanxiang Crab Roe Steamed Bun Soup, where diners slurp up the savoury broth with a straw.

Most people would associate Groupon food deals with “meh”. But I have to admit I was very contented with the dished we tried. Everything was competently executed, except for the Lobster soup which was way too salty.

Ambiance is cheery and service is politely brisk. I can see why this place is packed with families on weekends.


Picture credit: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant website

Chilled Poached Sliced Abalone on Cucumber Salad


Spicy Lobster Steamed Bun Soup


Soft Shell Crab served with wasabi vinegar sauce and a spicy cream made of chardonnay(grape)


“Lion Head” with Crab Roe contains water chestnuts and carrots, which adds a crunch and otherwise dull lump of meat.


Golden Fried Rice


Chilled Double Boiled White Fungus with Red Dates


Nanxiang Steam Bun Restaurant
Ten Mile Junction
1 Woodlands Road
Tel: 6892 7915

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