Lancome Renergie Morphlift Yeux R.A.R.E Repositioning Eye Cream


I have been using this eye cream for about 3 years and have gone through at least 4 tubs. I purchase it from and because it’s rather pricy at SGD $90 per tub, I stopped for a while and tried other eye creams. It was a very, very BAD idea.

After a few weeks I noticed my double eye lids becoming thinner and thinner, which means that my eyes are starting to sag. Oh nononono! So, I repurchased in a flash.

This eye cream has is very smooth in consistency, is silky and very moisturizing without being  heavy or greasy. It’s advertised to “contain a unique sequence of amino acids, plus the latest lifting and reshaping technology to help protect, hydrate and rejuvenate skin surface around the eyes”.

I find the cream thick and soothing, and definitely lifts- saggy eyelids no more and the eye area feels firm. I do not see much effect on dark circles but I am ok with that because this eye cream is designed for wrinkles and lifting. I use eye masks almost daily to reduce dark circles, which I will blog about soon.

I totally dislike the tub packaging because it’s not hygienic. I use the spatula provided and take a blob of eye cream and slap it onto the cap. Every night, with a clean finger, I take some cream from this blob, minimizing contamination.


If you are young and want to keep age sagging eyelids and under eye wrinkles to a minimum, start with this and you won’t regret it!

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