DHC Eyelash Tonic


I cannot live without DHC’s eyelash tonic, which I have been using for years. This product contains Swertia plant and Placenta extract, which nourishes and conditions weak lashes. It also prevents breakage and premature falling of lashes.

Although the product description says that it can be used as a mascara base, I only use it at night, as an eyelash treatment. I avoid applying it too close to the lash line as the product stings slightly if it gets into the eye.

It comes in a transparent tube with a mascara wand. After a few weeks of usage, the formula becomes murky. I suspect this is due to the wand taking up the eye cream on my lashes and transferring it into the tube.


I find DHC eyelash tonic strengthens conditions and thickens my lashes. The thickening effect is evident at the ends of my lashes- I definitely see the results when I pile on mascara. Lengthening effect is minimal; however, do note that lengthening is not the aim of this product.


There was once I forgot to pack this tonic on a 10 day overseas trip. My lashes became brittle and fell out due to daily usage and removal of heavy duty waterproof mascara. Once I got home, I used the product diligently every night and my lashes were back to normal after 3 weeks 🙂

This cost SGD $27.50 in Watsons, but I usually wait for a sale to stock up as the discount can be up to 20%.


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