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Attention Panda Eye folks! I am going to share a product I use to minimize the bane of all girls (and maybe some men)-dark eye circles and wrinkles.

I bought this from Korea during a tour, where we were brought to a DFS outlet selling loads of Korean skincare and cosmetics. Not to worry, you can purchase this online via Qoo10. Check out my review on another product in the Petitfee range, Ginseng EGF Eye and Spot patch here.

There is little English product description on the packing:

“Offer your parched skin an intensively hydrating infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experience the dramatic firming and cooling results you thought only a professional spa treatment could deliver”

I spend an average of 10 hours a day squinting away at the computer during work and then at home while blogging.  And not to mention, countless hours of drama watching (plus maybe some crying) and lack of sleep contributes to my panda eyes. After trying numerous high end creams and serum, I am convinced that no eye cream can replenish the amount of hydrating my fatigue eyes need. Hence I use eye mask at least 3 times a week.

I have tried this sort of eye mask, which works well, but it too time consuming to use. Because it very slippery, you have to lie down in order for the mask to stay in place. I have to lie in Dracula position for 30 min in order to see any benefits. By these days, I really can’t find the time to do so.


So now I favor Petitfee Gold EGF Eye and Spot Patch. The sales person claims that the gold bits will detoxify, improve circulation, eliminate waste and purify the skin. EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor, which helps cell growth, rejuvenate the skin and speed up healing, which is good for wrinkles.

Petitfee Gold EGF Eye and Spot Patch comes in a tub with 30 pairs of eye patches and 30 pieces of round circular patches. It also has a spatula to minimise contamination while users pick up the jelly like hydrogel patches.  You need to use it for 30 min for the maximum benefits.


The patches are supple and bouncy, feel very moist, but is not soaking wet with essence. Because of this, it stays put and does not slide off the eye area. I can put it on, wear my glasses and remain functional.



Like with every other face mask, you can refrigerate it for a more cooling sensation. I leave the seal on to keep the product fresh. There is some essence at the bottom of the tub and I don’t want this precious essence to dry up.

Before using the eye mask, I will flip the tub upside down for a few seconds, then flip it back again. This coats the eye masks on top with a layer of essence. I place the side of the eye mask WITH the essence onto the skin. You can only do this if you keep the seal intact, otherwise the essence will leak out from the screw cap.

I experience no stinging nor discomfort .These are the benefits I observe after using Petitfee Gold EGF eye patch:

-Reduced dark circles
-Hydrated eye area
-Cooling sensation soothes my eyes. Cooing sensation even lasts for about 15 min after removal of mask
-Eye area feels tighter

So here is the much anticipated before and after picture, the effectiveness is quite obvious


You can use the round patch like this (cut into half using the edge of the spatula), but I find it uncomfortable, so I use the spot patch in between my brows to prevent frown lines, or on my cheekbones to lighten pigmentation.


Thanks for reading 🙂

6 thoughts on “Petitfee Gold EGF Eye and Spot Patch

  1. Tammy Althea

    Hi MadameChewy,

    Thank you for reviewing about this product! We hope you don’t mind but we love to share this on our Althea Facebook page to let our fans know what you think about this gold eye mask.


  2. budleee

    i bought almost a year ago, and tonight i just started to use it (using it now). I placed it a bit further away from my eyes, so you are such a brave girl to have it near your eyes, but judging how you ladies can draw the inside of your eyes, this is probably a walk in the park

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Sally!
      No need to rinse off, but you need to apply eye serum/cream after(if you are going to bed).


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