Perth Foodlogue 4: Jesters, Viet Hoa, Ipoh Garden



Took away a box of these seriously good fries from Jesters, a  Western Australian company which produces ultra-thin, light puff pastry pies. They pride themselves with using quality natural ingredients; fillings contain low fat, lean meats and fresh garden vegetables.  You can choose from a wide variety of beef, chicken, bacon and vegetable pies. Their fries are everything good fries should be: crisps and crunchy, not oily and with enough fluffy potato inside. Absolutely satisfying.

However, because there are many different branches, it’s a hit and miss to find a store that make such pure awesomeness. According to my sister who lives in Perth, the store at The Park Centre in Victoria Park has been consistent so far.

The Park Centre
789 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park WA 6101

My family and I were craving for some heartwarming soupy dishes on a cold winter night. We decided on Viet Hoa, an old favorite. Before I left Perth for Singapore, we used to visit often because of the delicious food. Service, well, if you are lucky, you get a nice and friendly new cute waitress. If not, be prepared to put up “service with an attitude”. Some of them are quite inpatient and curt. There  is always a queue on weekends so come early.


Décor is well….erm, very simple and it has been this for as long as I can remember (7 years or so). From experience, not everything is good, so once we found something appetizing, we stick to it.


Prawn and Chicken Salad (AUD $15): This refreshing and additive salad consists of simple ingredients: prawns, chicken, lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots, tomatoes and parsley, topped with peanuts. The star of this dish is the light yet flavorsome dressing, which is sweet yet sour at the same time. The freshness of the ingredients adds oomph to the salad.


Boneless Roast Duck with stirred fried with snow peas and almonds (AUD $19.50) is a must order. Tender, juicy duck meat soaks up the savory gravy while the fresh snow peas balance out the salty gravy. It’s a full flavored, yet clean-tasting dish.


Daddy decided to deviate from his usual Combination Hofun Soup and ordered Beef Ball Pho (AUD $9).  The broth is so savory you can’t stop helping yourself to it, while the pho was tender with a nice body. The ping-pong  ball sized beef balls had a nice firm and bouncy texture. If I dropped one accidentally, I suspect that it will bounce back up onto the table. As I do not like the taste of (any) beef balls, I won’t comment on them.  Daddy looked contented with them though…


Dry Egg Noodles served with Crispy Fried Chicken (AUD $16). Mix the springy noodles thoroughly with the vinegar and pepper sauce at the bottom of the bowl and enjoy! It’s amazing how the simplest of seasoning can do wonders. Chicken was a disappointment as it was too dry.



Oh yes, before I forget, their Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wings are quite good too.

Viet Hoa Restaurant
Unit 1, 349 William Street
NorthBridge WA 6003

My last meal in Perth before my parents sent me to the airport 🙁  We visited another restaurant on my favorites list – Ipoh garden, a family-run Malaysian Restaurant.  Service is non-existent; an absent minded guy served us the wrong order twice. Very blur!


There are 2 dishes I come for -Ipoh Hor fun Soup and Ichikabin Chicken. These 2 dishes made Ipoh Garden popular, especially among Asians living in Perth.

Ipoh Hor Fun Soup (AUD $10.90) is served with fresh prawns and shredded chicken, in a flavoursome soup with a sweet prawn-y taste. Slurp-worthy but portion is pathetic for the hefty price.


Mummy adores the Mamak Noodles (AUD $10.90) which is also known as Indian Mee Goreng, commonly found in Malaysia sold by Indian-Malaysian hawkers. The yellow egg noodles taste sour, sweet, spicy and tangy all at the same time!


Inchikabin is the Nonya version of fried chicken. Ipoh Garden excels at it-every table has a plate of these aromatic fried Inchikabin Chicken (AUD $16), accompanied with a special tangy dipping sauce.  Bite into the crispy chicken and discover well-marinated, juicy meat. Careful, it’s steaming hot inside!


Ipoh Garden Restaurant
Lot 16, 44/50 Hume Court
Myaree WA 6154

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