Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge Christmas Afternoon Tea Buffet

Hi my readers, sorry for the lack of posts as I have been so busy at work lately. I noticed that some peeps are keen in Ritz Carlton’s Christmas Afternoon Tea buffet so I did this post with the menu for Christmas 2013. For those who do not want to gorge themselves with food in a dinner buffet, you may wish to spend a relaxing afternoon elegant Chihuly Lounge and nibble on festive treats. Do check out my blog post Christmas at Chihuly Lounge (2011), as well as my blog posts on afternoon tea buffet at Chihuly Lounge here and here.

The spread sounds delicious 🙂 Please note that the menu is subjected to changes without prior notice.

Smoked Turkey with Cranberry Sauce on Cinnamon Focaccia
Lemon Cured Salmon with Pickled Spinach Onion in Langen Rolls
Cucumber and Egg Mayonnaise with Cream Fraiche Sandwich
Honey Baked Ham with Ice Berg Lettuce and Gherkin in Parmesan Roll

Cold Savory
Scallop Confit with Pink Ginger and Salmon Roe
White Asparagus and Herb Cress Salad, Truffle Dressing
Poached Chicken Roll with Apricot, Roasted Pumpkin and Berry Jam
Pink Prawn with Porcini and Chestnuts Cream

Hot Savory
Turkey and Pâté Pie in Crusty Pastry with Giblet Sauce
Risotto Arancini with Iberico Chorizo and Onion Marmalade
Baked Egg Cocotte, Mushroom Ragout and Mimolette Cheese
Mini Vol Au Vent with Bacalau
Maple Syrup Glazed Ham Skewers with Pineapple
Plain Scone and Dried Fruit Scone

Nutty Brittles
Walnuts Cheese Cake
Spiced Potion
Pistachio Macaroon
Peanuts Crumble Berries
Nutmeg Coffee Cake
Chestnuts Crème with Sable
Pumpkin and Pine Nuts Caramel Tart
Hazelnuts Praline Chocolate

Live Station
Steamed Christmas Pudding with Ice Cream

Afternoon Tea Buffet: 2.30pm-5.00pm
Adult: $58++
Child 6-12 years old: $29++
All credit card promotions and other privilage cards are not applicable.


Chihuly Lounge
The Ritz-Carlton
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799

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