Erabelle Facial and Body Treatments


Because I signed up for Erabelle’s Erabrow Premium package, I was entitled $200 worth of complimentary face and body treatments at Erabelle Prestige. I tried a facial, body scrub and body massage a few months back at Erabelle Prestige Vivocity.

The elegant décor with Victorian influences totally wowed me. Service is warm and the staff pay attention to small details, which elevates the whole spa experience.

Upon arrival, I was served a warm drink while I filled up my particulars and details (allergies, health issues etc). Then I was ushered into the largest spa room, which had a shower and bathtub attached. After changing into my robe, the therapist prepared a foot bath with lemongrass oil and a warm drink.  She dimmed the lights and left me in the room to relax for 10 minutes.


We started with Genmai-Bijin Polisher ($100 for 45mins), a full body rice scrub which is a classic remedy from Japan for flawless looking skin. The rice scrub gently polishes away dead cells while natural enzymes moisturize to achieve baby-smooth skin. After spreading the body polisher and slowly scrubbing my body, the therapist left the product on my skin for a few minutes. I felt a tightening sensation; the therapist informed me that this scrub has anti-aging, skin tightening properties.



I took a shower to wash off the scrub and was impressed with the L’occitane toiletries. I fell in love with the cherry blossom shower gel and went to purchase the fragrance soon after.


Next, I had a Japanese Sake Facial ($260 for 90 mins), which was ok. I have had better facials before which are much less expensive. Because no steam machine was used to open up my pores, I found the extraction rather painful. After a facial massage, the therapist carefully applied fabric strips soaked with sake onto my skin. The end result is glowing skin; however, the radiance only lasted 2 days.

On another occasion, I tried Erabelle’s Aromatic Stress Relief Body Massage ($110 for 60 mins). Before entering a cheery room, the therapist let me sample 3 different essential oil blends, which had different health benefits. I choose the blend which helps soothe tensed muscles and aid relaxation.



The therapist placed a bowl of hot water with lavender essence below my face (I was lying face down on the massage bed) to help me relax. But she noticed I was sniffling, so she swapped it to eucalyptus, which stopped my runny nose. She was very attentive indeed! The massage was relaxing and pampering, however, it did not alleviate chronic aches and pains as well as the massage I had at Georgina’s.

Round off the pampering session with complimentary hot desserts 🙂


If you are keen to visit Erabelle regularly for facials and spa treatment, do consider signing up for a package, which takes approximately 30% off the usual listed price.

Erabelle Prestige Vivocity
1 Habourfront Walk
#02-01/02 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 63768336
Mon-Sun 11am-9.30pm

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