VS Sasson Big Hair Styler 1000 review and Hair Tutorial

Hi girls! Sorry for the lack of updates as I have been busy with work. Today’s post is rather lengthy, it consist of 1) a review of Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Hair Styler, 2) a review and comparison with the newer VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 with 2 detachable barrels and 3) a hair tutorial.


You may be wondering why I am comparing Babyliss and VS Sassoon products because they are very similar. Both brands are marketed by Conair globally. Babyliss is the main retail brand in the UK and European markets while VS Sassoon is marketed in Australia and New Zealand.  In a short span of approximately 1 year, much improvement has been made to the original rotating hair brush.

I bought the Original Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Hair Styler in November last year (2775u, 50mm barrel, 700 Watts), because girls on youtube were raving about how it helped them achieve Kate Middleton’s blow dry look.

Babyliss big hair e-tile

kate middleton hair-tile

However, I wasn’t too pleased with it because the curls at ends of the hair were not tight enough. I only managed to accomplish voluminous hair with gentle flicks at the end. Another thing that annoyed me was that at 700 Watts, it was too weak to get the job done efficiently.


However, I must say that this is a great invention, plus the newer models keep improving. For girls that have not mastered the difficult art of blowing their own hair with a round brush and a hairdryer, this is a god-sent to achieve salon standard blow-outs.  By the way, this product has been discontinued and is replaced by 2777U, which has a 42mm barrel but it’s still 700 watts. With a smaller barrel, we can expect tighter curls at the ends of the hair. However, there is another model by VS Sassoon with a 38mm barrel with 1000 watts!

So anyway, in March, I noticed that VS Sassoon came out with this updated model. The improvements are:
-more powerful at 1000 Watts
-2 different sized barrels: 50mm and 38mm

Strangely, when I checked the Babyliss website, they do not have this model.


The 38mm barrel is great for styling shorter hair, for example long bobs which I’m spotting now. Personally I think this is a better investment compared to the 42mm barrel version because it’s more powerful and efficient, plus you can use it for both long and short hairstyles. I also believe the 38mm barrel can help users achieve more defined curls.


Close up of the brush…


So here are some pictures of the box with detailed product information. Because I have family living in Australia, I bought this as it’s cheaper compared to buying from Babyliss Ebay and getting it shipped from the UK. My first Babyliss from the UK cost me about SGD $130 while this VS Sassoon is about SGD $90. In addition, I like that there is the 2 year warranty for VS Sassoon.

VS 1 e-tile

VS 2 e-tile

The brush rotates in 2 directions only if you are on heat setting. You can style your hair to curl inwards or outwards. If the hair gets tangled in the machine, simple rotate the in the other direction and the hair will be released. There are 2 heat settings and one cool setting to give the hair a cool shot to set it.


Let’s move on to the tutorial for long, shall we? I understand that many girls find it difficult to style shorter hair; hopefully this product and hair tutorial will help you 🙂  Previously, I didn’t dare to cut my hair short because I was unsure of how to style it. Thanks to this product, I gained the courage to try a different hairstyle.

I have very bright lighting at my dressing table because I have poor eyesight.  My face will look rather white in the upcoming pictures.

You hair should be 70%-80% dry before using VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler. If the hair is too wet, you will just be wasting your time and energy styling it. After putting on my makeup, my hair will be about 50% dry. I blow dry it further with a hairdryer and also focus on the top of the head to achieve some volume.  I have thick and course hair, so volume at the top is important. My head will look disproportionate if the hair on the top looks flat while the bottom has volume.

This my own method of styling, which works well for me.  I came up with after trial and error. The hair is exposed to less heat and curls are more defined because there is more time for them to cool and set.

My method is slightly different from the Official Video Tutorial, which rotates the hair into and out of the barrel using the rotating function. Because the brush only rotates when you are on heat setting, the hair is exposed to heat all the time.


Part the hair…


The hair will get “caught” and wrap around the rotating hair brush. Blow it with the heat setting for 3 seconds, then cool setting for 5 seconds, then switch off the styler while still holding it in this position.  After 5 seconds, remove from the hair like how you will remove a curling tong from your hair( ie twist the styler out of the hair). Do not comb the styler out of the hair as you will lose the curl.




While styling, apply some tension to the hair by pulling in the opposite direction from the head. The tension helps form better curls and volume. If you have noticed, while your hair stylist is blowing your hair, they always use a hair brush to gently tug at your hair. The same principal applies here.


To achieve more volume, let the hair wrap around the barrel and bring the barrel close to the roots. Blow it with the heat setting for 3 seconds, then cool setting for 5 seconds and switch off the styler while still holding it in this position.


This is the result- volume at the roots with a curl at the end.


This part is slightly tricky as the hair is longer. Hold the barrel on heat setting at the roots for a few seconds to achieve volume. If I continue on with the same steps as above, somehow, my curl will turn outwards, which is not what I want today.  Sometimes on other days, I curl outwards for a casual look.


I want my curl to turn inwards, so I pull the barrel a few inches away from the head, blow it with the heat setting for 3 seconds, then cool setting for 5 seconds and switch off the styler while still holding it in this position. Remove after 5 seconds and see how nicely the hair curls inwards.



To get a more defined curl, I apply tension while rotating the brush at the same time. Use the other hand to cup the hair so that the rotating brush can “catch” the hair and wrap it around the barrel. While cupping the hair around the barrel, blow it with the heat setting for 3 seconds, then cool setting for 5 seconds and switch off the styler while still holding it in this position. Remove after 5 seconds.



Because the roots of the hair are still rather wet and I want to finish up quickly, I use my hair dryer to do the following.



This also gives the top more volume as you can see here.


I switch back to the VS Sassoon hair styler.


See how I hold the hair at an angle? This gives loads of volume; you do not have to pull the hair while holding it at an angle. Use the same “3 seconds hot, 5 seconds cool, and hold in position for 5 seconds while styler is switch off”  method which I have been repeating above.



The hair does not need to be tightly wrapped around the barrel as well. This is because you want to give the roots volume, with only a slight curl at the ends.


The final look!




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  1. Taylor

    Love this post !!! It’s now 2017 do u have any newer model recommendations I could potentially look into?

  2. yee teng

    Hi, I would also like to buy the VS version. Will u b going Australia again? I wanna buy at cheaper price..:)

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Ceally,
      I bought it from a department store in Australia….
      You can also try ebay but shipping will be a bit costly….


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