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Lady M, a famous cake boutique from New York, has opened its first outlet outside of the States. Located in The Dining Edition in Marina Square, the 5th Lady M salon can seat 56 guests at one time. The spacious open-concept cake boutique has a minimalist design with simple clean lines. Tables are spaced far apart to give diners more privacy.

Lady M is the pioneer of Mille Crepe cakes. But are they the best? With fans like Iseey Miyake (Japanese designer) and Linda Evagelista (supermodel); W, M and I arrived with high expectations.

M wasn’t too pleased with the plain décor, but W and I were ok with it. We came for the cakes!!!



A variety of coffee, tea, juices and even CHAMPAGNE are available to accompany your sweets. These days, more and more places do not serve tap water, or charge for it. Thankfully Lady M is not one of them.  On a weekday afternoon, it was rather quiet; service was polite and efficient.

The famed Mille Crepe ($7.50/slice) consists of 20 layers of handmade crepes, with fluffy, frothy cream sandwiched tightly in between, topped with a caramelized finish. Layers are so thin, they melt in the mouth. The fresh pastry cream is subtly sweet and light on the palate. Prior to this, I have tried 2 other Mille Crepe cakes- one from Coffee Stars by Dao (terrible, only had 7 layers) and the other from First Love Patisserie (Ion basement). First Love has roughly the same number of layers as Lady M’s cake, but the latter’s Mille Crepe possess a more refined taste because the pastry cream is lighter and tastes less milky.


Pillow-y green tea sponge, layered evenly with green tea mousse, with a bit of cream. Lady M’s rendition of Green Tea Mousse Cake ($8/slice) is rather sweet, in fact the sweetness overpowered the green tea flavor.



I was sorely disappointed with my Strawberry Mille Feuille ($8/slice). On the menu, it states “puff pastry, whipped cream with layers of vanilla sponge and strawberries”. Look, even in the menu’s picture,  you can see the layer of vanilla sponge.


But this was served. There was no vanilla sponge at all. I loved sponge cake and I ordered this because I wanted to try Mille Feuille with sponge. Previously, I had Paul’s and TWG’s Mille feuille (one of my favorite desserts). Both had no sponge cake in it, so I wanted to try something different.


I thought that there was something wrong with my eyes so I proceeded eating in hopes of detecting the vanilla sponge. W and M tried to help, but to no avail. Out of curiosity, I asked the staff and was informed that I was the first person to discover this mistake in the menu. The supervisor said that they used to have sponge cake in it, but replaced it with strawberries instead to suit customer preferences. However, they didn’t update the menu or the tag in the display. On well,  I really don’t know what to say….

The only thing good about this was the fresh strawberries. The thin layers of flaky puff pastry was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of the plain, boring whipped cream.

To us, Lady M certainly didn’t live up to the hype. I probably will only come back for the Mille Crepe.

Lady M
The Dining Edition
Marina square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

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