Bestie M was in town on Monday, and wanted to try Symmetry’s brunch which she has read so much about. I was tasked to make reservations and find out how to get there. Located at Jalan Kubor, Symmetry is quite easy to get to via public transport as its one bus-stop away from Bugis MRT station.

I received an automated phone call 1 hour prior to my reservation. Very organized indeed! On arrival, I realized why… the place is very small, seats are limited and it was packed, even though it was a weekday.

Café by day, restaurant bar at night, Symmetry’s offerings are inspired by both Australian casual dining culture and French cuisine. This indie joint has quirky décor as you can see from their Gothic Christmas display…


Inside, it’s cozy and relaxed, with quaint ornaments scattered around.  Service was friendly, but the coffee didn’t arrive until the end of the meal because the staff forgot all about it.



Monday’s lunch menu is a simple one-pager, consisting of starters/snacks, mains and a dessert. We were glad there some egg dishes available as they were what we came for.


Beverage list is extensive though, consisting of several pages. M ordered a Latte ($5.50) which was good, but could have been better with more foam.


Piping hot Baby Squid with Black Pepper Aioli ($15) was irresistible. The crispy, light batter was well-seasoned, while the squid was springy. Do eat it while it’s hot because once it cools down, the batter loses it crispiness and becomes less appetizing. Squid ink was added to the black pepper aioli, which explains the color.


Truffle Parmesan Fries with White Truffle Oil Drizzle ($13). These fragrant shoestring fries are so tasty that you can eat them independently. Comes with mayonnaise if you like to enjoy your fries with dips.


Smoked Salmon Cabonara Spaghetti ($18) had a generous portion of homemade smoked salmon. A single poached egg completed the dish. Look at the egg, so round and silky, plus it was very wobbly before W decided to “burst” it. However, the smoked salmon was wayyyy too salty while the cabonara sauce was too bland. It could have been better if the flavors were balanced out a bit more evenly. Sadly, the pasta was overcooked which made us frown even more.



Fortunately, my Portobello and Cheese ($17) was enjoyable. A layer of cheese blankets a single poached egg, cushioned by a huge Portobello mushroom, followed by toast.  Loved how the cheese and poached eggs complemented the aromatic, earthy Portobello mushrooms. Noticed I wrote eggS and mushroomS? Yes, you get 2 of these! It’s not very clear in my picture, but the other one is beneath the mesclun leaves.


So here’s more egg porn….waaaaa…..


And a shot of the juicy mushroom….


M was disappointed with her Eggs and Bacon ($15) which the menu described as Truffle scrambled eggs, maple glazed bacon and toast. All of us struggled to detect truffle flavor in the eggs and sad to say it was non-existent. Bacon had excessive amounts of fat too 🙁


I was happy with the meal and wanted to stay for desserts. But M and W were so upset by their poorly executed mains, we adjourn to Lady M for desserts.

9 Jln Kubor
Tel: 6291 9901

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