Cafe L’Espresso and The Deli

MIL and I visited L’Espresso after our haircuts at Georgina’s which is also located within Goodwood Park. It was about 5pm; we just wanted to have a snack to fill our tummies a little before dinner. MIL was also craving for the Goodwood Park’s legendary durian mousse cake.


Upon arrival, we were promptly lead to comfy leather seats in the middle of the long lobby. Alfresco seating is also available at the breezy poolside terrace.

My Hot Chocolate ($8) came in a pretty pot with lovely pastel flowers. The drink itself however, was the worst hot chocolate I had till date. Diluted and bland, it tasted more like Milo. It’s shocking how such a pristine hotel can serve something of this standard.


Fortunately for MIL, her beautifully presented Cafe Vienna ($9) was decent.



In addition to our drinks, we also ordered cakes from The Deli. Red Velvet Cake ($6.80) was another let-down because it was too dry.


Durian mousse ($11) was superb. This is pure pleasure to any durian fan. Every bite was filled with thick durian pulp and velvety mousse. Three thumbs up!



Cafe L’Espresso and The Deli
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road

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