Thai Accent

Mom was in town and since she loved Thai Cuisine, Hubby treated us to Thai Accent. I too love Thai fare because of the strong aromatic components, complex flavors and spiciness.


Thai Accent is quiet and comfortable, with window seating overlooking the waterfront and Sentosa Island. It was a week night and the restaurant was fairly empty. Service was attentive without being intrusive.


The menu is relatively idiot-proof, in plain English without confusing Thai names. Prices are on the high side.

Mango salad with dried shrimp ($9.90) was ok, nothing remarkable.


I was disappointed with the Tom Yam Seafood in Fire Pot ($23.90). Although the seafood was fresh and the serving generous, it sorely lacked the characteristic spiciness that Tom Yam soup should possess. Something must have gone wrong that day because I had the same soup on 2 other occasions and it was nothing like this.


Pad Thai Fried Noodles with Prawns ($13.90) was competently executed, with a decent amount of peanut toppings on the side. Absolutely satisfying!



Stirred fried minced pork with hot basil leaf ($15.90)-let your tongues revel in this spicy and flavorful dish!


Stirred fried Kway Teow with Pork Ribs ($13.90) was not bad. Beautifully marinated, tender ribs and smooth kway teow with a smoky flavor; mix in the chilli flakes and nuts for an extra kick. What more can I ask for?



We ended our dinner with a very average Pandan Leaf Chicken ($14.90)


Thai Accent
1 Habourfont Walk #02-145
Tel: 63769282

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