Afternoon Tea Buffet at 10 Scotts

I have not dined in Grand Hyatt before and what attracted me here was a picture of a flowerpot in Her World Magazine.So what’s with this flowerpot? Well, its an ice cream dessert which is part of the afternoon tea spread, made with hazelnut ice cream, crushed biscuits (soil), raspberries(fruits) and edible flowers. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But upon arrival I was told that flowerpot have been replaced by “fried egg”. Arghs! More on the “fried egg” later….


Recently refurnished 10 Scotts oozes refinement, yet has a relaxing aura, thanks to their chic contemporary décor and warm lighting. Afternoon tea is from 12 noon to 5pm. The first seating is from 12 noon to 2.30pm, while second seating starts at 3pm and ends at 5pm. We picked the 1st seating because there is 30 minutes extra to feast and we can have this meal as our lunch, haha!




Prices are on the high side for such a small spread. $43++ for weekdays and $53++ for weekends; with unlimited tea, coffee hot/iced chocolate and juices. Top up $20 for free flow champagne.

The concept at 10 Scotts is semi-buffet with a local twist on some savory items. There is a buffet line of sweet and savories, tiny selection of breads, cold cuts and cheeses, plus a chiller filled with appetizers, salads and mini pots of ice cream.  Sandwiches and some savories are served on a 2-tiered glass stand and these are refillable.

Although the quality of the food is good, the variety is much smaller compared to other hotels such as The Regent’s Tea Lounge and Ritz Carlton’s Chihuly Lounge. Both are very well known and popular for their high-quality afternoon tea buffets with large and interesting spreads. However, I will choose 10 Scotts over any other afternoon tea buffet if I am going to dine with hubby.

This is because 10 Scotts meat dishes beats every other afternoon tea buffet/semi-buffet I have tried so far (Shangri la’s Rose Veranda, St Regis Brasserie Les Saveurs, Regent’s Tea lounge, Fullerton Bay’s Landing Point and Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge). So ladies, if your man likes meat, its better to have your afternoon tea here so you won’t see a black face at the end of your tea session.

Service is slow. It took the wait staff ages to prepare the beverages and also refill food items. It was also difficult to get their attention, which was baffling, because not many tables occupied. Culinary staff manning the open concept kitchen were very cheerful, with genuine, infectious smiles.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so now, be prepared to be bombarded by food pics!

I’ll start with the canapes served 2-tiered glass stand, which are refillable. Cucumber sandwich, quiche and beef roll were very ordinary.



The tastier savories are…

Crab Cakes: Packed with succulent crab meat, fried till a prefect shade of golden brown and served with a delicious remoulade sauce.



Sorry, I can’t remember exactly what this is, but there’s smoked salmon in it.


Freshly prepared Poh Piah



Prawn and Quail Egg Salad



Spiral Curry Puffs with flaky, buttery crusts and addictive fresh curry leaves.


Moving onto the buffet section! Smoked Chicken, Apple and Walnut Salad was drenched in excessive amount of dressing which overwhelmed the natural flavor of the ingredients.


Seafood with vermicelli


Creamy Cauliflower Soup


Parma Ham with Rock Melon and Peking Duck


More Peking Duck, boring Sushi and uninspiring assorted breads. Oh, there is curry mutton as well, which is not pictured.


As you can see, the dessert section rather small…




The Dark Chocolate Tarts are divine! Tiramisu lacks the alcoholic punch….


Apple Crumble adorned with a slice of dried apple. Lovely presentation.


“Egg on Toast”, served in a frying pan, is so creative and definitely the highlight of this buffet! The “egg white” is vanilla ice cream while the “yolk” is made from mango passion puree. The “toast” is actually mango sponge cake, “tomato sauce” is raspberry sauce while chocolate chips make up the “pepper”.




Salted caramel ice cream, totally my thing!


Decadent Dark Chocolate ice cream was so good I had 2 servings.


The beverage menu has an extensive list of teas and coffees but what makes 10 Scotts different from other afternoon tea establishments is their free flow orange or pineapple juice. Oh, did I mention they are freshly squeezed?


Rooibos Vanilla tea made from vanilla originating from Madagascar


Classic white tea


We tried both the Iced chocolate and Hot chocolate but both were unremarkable.


Overall an enjoyable experience but with the amount of money spent, we expected more.

10 Scotts
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Ground floor
10 Scotts Road

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