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Look what I received in the mail! A lovely highlighter palette from Strawberrynet XD. For those who have not heard of Strawberrynet, it’s an online company retailing a large range of beauty products from countless number of brands (see here).


Before I start reviewing Ultraflesh Shinebox, I’d like to share how I discovered Strawberrynet. 7 years ago, when I was still living in Perth, I struggled to find skincare and cosmetic products that suit Asian skin. After searching for a while, I gave up looking in shops and tried the web instead. I chanced upon Strawberrynet and it turned out to be a god-sent to not only me, but to my friends as well. Having said that, I must emphasize that Strawberrynet carry products for all skin types, not just for Asian skin.

I bought one product first, just to test out the service standard. My parcel arrived within a week. Upon opening it, I was impressed with the packing standards. The product was wrapped with wrapping paper, followed by bubble wrap and the box was filled with polystyrene chips. I introduced Strawberrynet to my friends and became the “coordinator” for ordering what they wanted, haha! I have ordered numerous times (20+) for friends and myself; so far all products arrived in perfect condition and in a timely fashion.

Also, prices are usually cheaper compared to normal retail price. I always do price comparisons before deciding to purchase from the store itself or from Strawberrynet and till date, Strawberrynet has always been friendlier to my wallet. Until today, I am still ordering Dermalogica scrub and mask, Lancome concealers and eye cream, plus Shu Uemura Cleansing oil from Strawberrynet.

Let’s move on to my review, shall we? First time doing a cosmetic post, wee!

Ultraflesh Shinebox is versatile 5-piece highlighter compact made using durable plastic which fans out.


The top tier holds a finely milled All Over Enhancer, with gold shimmers. For ladies with pale skin, this shade may be a bit too dark to be used on the whole face, but is great as a contour blush.


2 emollient cream-powder highlighters, Sheer gold and Rose gold, occupy second tier. They can be used as an eye shadow, eye shadow primer or dabbed around the eyes to brighter up the area.


The last tier holds 2 cute twist-out pencil eyeliners in white and nude shimmer. Use them along the lower lash line, brow bone (must blend) and inner corners of the eyes. They glide on and blend effortlessly, thanks to the creamy consistency.


So here are the swatches in shaded light…..from left to right Sheer Gold Cream Shimmer, Rose Gold Cream Shimmer and bronzy All Over Enhancer.


Swatches in direct light….


Swatches of the white and nude shimmer pencils in direct light


Because the all over enhancer is too dark for my skin, I used it as an eye shadow instead, accompanied with sheer gold cream shimmer on the brow bone. I applied the white shimmer pencil along my lower lash line and inner corner of the eyes. Black eyeliner and mascara finishes the look. And yep, you can see my hubby’s reflection in my eye, haha!


This post is sponsored by Strawberrynet.

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