Hi Girls! Today I shall be introducing an additive-free skincare and healthcare company from Japan, HABA, which stands for Health Aid Beauty Aid. HABA believes in beauty from the inside-out, as well as the concept that the right skincare and healthcare will lead to a better life. One lucky reader will take home a set of skincare products worth more than $200, so read on to find out more!



HABA practices Non-Additive philosophy-using only ingredients that are safe and healthy for the skin, and EXCLUDING common additives which can bring about skin irritation and allergic reactions.


Instead of using chemical preservatives, HABA incorporates Sasa Kurilensis Water (bamboo extract) which acts as a preservative, contains anti-bacterial properties and helps to keep skin moisturize. HABA products can be kept for up to one year after opening.

Let’s start with my experience with HABA, shall we?

These were the products which were used during my mini-facial session, enhanced by Ion My Esthe II, a home esthetic treatment device (more details later)



It comes with 2 detachable rollers: large roller for the face….


… and another smaller roller for difficult-to-reach areas around the eyes and nostrils


So here’s the much anticipated before and after picture. Does it really work? I requested to do only half of my face, so you can see the difference clearly. After treatment, it’s evident that the skin is fairer, more luminous, and firmer. My left cheek is lifted (compared to the saggy right cheek), dark circles and red patches diminished significantly.


Of course, I didn’t leave HABA looking like this, hahaha. After completing Ion My Esthe II treatment on the other half of my face, sweet Ping Xiang did a makeover using HABA’s special range of cosmetics made from Mineral color (natural pigment extracted from rocks, stones and soil that are safe and gentle on all skin types)



Now for more details on HABA’s skincare products!


Emphasis is placed on Squalane, a component found in our bodies. Unfortunately for us, as our bodies age, we produce lesser Squalane, leading to dehydrated skin and wrinkles. Squalane protects the skin from external irritants such as UV rays, dirt and dehydration. HABA’s Squalane is extracted from deep-sea sharks, purified to the maximum level of 99.9%. It’s added in the 3-step skincare regimen, after cleansing and moisturizing, to lock in moisture in the skin and to form a protective barrier.


The following products are HABA’s best sellers:

Squa cleansing_120ml 2-tile

Squa Cleansing is a luxurious cleanser enriched with Squalane and Hibiscus flower extract which helps deep cleansing. It’s formulated to be gentle to even dehydrated and delicate skin. I love this makeup remover; it rinses off easily without leaving any greasy residue.

For point makeup removal (eg eyes and lips), soak an appropriate amount of this onto a cotton pad and wipe-away makeup.

120ml $46
240ml $81
240ml Refill $77

microforce cleansing 120ml

Micro Force Cleansing is a water-based makeup remover suitable for all skin types. Contains micro-sized Squalane with moisturizing ingredients that remove makeup and dirt off the skin and leaves a refreshing feeling.

For point makeup removal (eg eyes and lips), soak an appropriate amount of this onto a cotton pad and wipe-away makeup.

120ml $46
240ml $81
240ml Refill $77

See how effective this is? With just a few gentle rubs, the lipstick and eyebrow pencil washes off with ease.



White Lady

White Lady is an intensive serum, developed from a doctor’s formula, containing Sasa Kurilenis Water (bamboo extract) and water-soluble vitamin C derivative. This serum helps collagen production, which results in fairer, firmer, hydrated skin. Skin tone become more even and pores become tighter because White Lady suppress the excessive secretion of sebum.

Some may wonder why pure Vitamin C is not used, but a derivative instead. This is because Vitamin C is prone to oxidation and penetrates the skin poorly. HABA’s water soluble Vitamin C derivative is designed to be stable, safe and penetrating. The packaging is thoughtful – hygienic pump design minimizes air from coming into contact with the product (prevents oxidation triggered by oxygen in the air) and the dark bottle prevents oxidation triggered by light.

If using with Ion My Esthe II, spread a generous amount on face and apply the wet face sheet mask before using Ion My Esthe II on face

10ml $29
30ml $78
53ml $120


G-lotion is an enhanced moisturizer containing minerals derived from deep sea water and seaweed, in addition to Sasa Kurilensis Water. The lotion is made of mildly acidic formula of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and chondroitin.

Minerals are extracted from the deep seawater of the Atlantic Ocean and purified. Because they are ionized and water soluble, these minerals penetrate the skin easily, relieving skin fatigue and improving metabolism. Seaweed (extracted from brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean and water around Central and South America) contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals which refine skin. Hyaluronic acid leaves skin moisturized, fresh and healthy, thanks to its high moisture-retention ability. When combined with Chondroitin, it helps to moisture the skin even more.

180ml $58

VC Lotion

VC Lotion is a moisturizing alcohol-free toner infused with Vitamin C derivative. It lightens spots from sun damaged and acne scars, improves skin elasticity and keeps skin soft and moisturized.

VC Lotion also contains Ceramide Nanosome, which are Ceramide made into tiny nano-sized capsules. These act as intercellular glue to bind corneum cells. The capsules are small enough to penetrate the stratum corneum deeply, keeping moisture levels for a longer time.

180ml $85


Squalane is a pure and lightweight oil which absorbs quickly, without leaving any greasy residue. It replaces the Squalane which our skin loses during the aging process, moisturizing our skin and leading to smoother, finer skin. It can also help acne sufferers by curbing excess oil production. Over time, Squalane can treat scars, dark spots and sun damage.

15ml $29
30ml $49
60ml $90
120ml $165

IME 2-tile

Ion My Esthe II ($350) is a home esthetic treatment device that cleanses and treat your skin with the power of ions.

In the Ion Cleansing mode, micro-electric current extracts accumulated dirt from the skin, tightens and refines pores, even out skin tone, brightens skin, heal and control pimples and allow better absorption of skincare products.

In the Ion Care mode (use with White Lady), negatively charged serum is delivered deep into the skin where it can promote collagen production, control melanin production, normalize metabolism and eliminate free radicals.

Weighing only 86g, the device can easily be held in the hand without you feeling tired. There is an automatic off timer to indicate when the treatment time is up and the device runs on rechargeable batteries, which last up to 18 hours after charging.

Moist White Beauty (New Package)-tile

Moist White Beauty is a 2-in-1 collagen drink that replenishes collagen levels and whiten the skin at the same time. It contains 3000mg of collagen (maximum amount the body can absorb daily), which gives skin firm and bouncy texture. Anti-aging Haskup (blueberry honeysuckle) promotes skin fairness and fights free radicals with its strong anti-oxidant properties, while Ceramide derived from Hokkaido’s beets help keeps moisture in the skin. The final ingredient, L-Cystine enhances skin clarity and brightness. At 21 calories per bottles, there is no need to fret about weight gain!

10 bottles $49

I am pleased to announce that my readers can enjoy 15% discount at HABA shops until the end of April. Simply quote my name “Madame Chewy” while making payment.

As mentioned before, one Lucky Reader will win more than $200 worth of HABA skincare products- 1 makeup remover, 1 White Lady whitening serum, 1 toner and 1 Squalane oil. HABA’s beauty adviser will select the makeup remover according to your skin type.


To qualify, simply

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Giveaway ends on 4th April and winners will be notified via email on 5th April. Good luck!

Many thanks to Jane for the invite 🙂


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