Astor Bar

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the décor of the Astor Bar. Located on the first floor of the opulent St Regis Singapore, this Jazz bar is the perfect place chillax.


Named after John Astor IV, who founder St Regis in 1904, this bar looks like something that you would see in The Great Gatsby.


Relax in luxurious leather sofas, sip on delicious cocktails, while resident pianist-singer Ron Sinclair captivate your heart with his smooth vocals and jazz tunes.


While ambience, beverages and service were top-notch, nut and chips were rather flat. Expected more from St Regis….


St Regis Signature Cocktail- The Bloody Mary ($22) perfected in 1934 by Fernand Petiot, a bartender at St Regis New York’s King Cole Bar. An additive spicy concoction made with Vodka, tomato juice, lemon Worcestershire sauce and Cayenne pepper.


St Regis Singapore is also famous for another unique cocktail, Chilli Padi Mary, which has lemongrass, chilli padi and ginger ale, giving it a distinct spiciness which reflects Singapore’s diverse cuisine. We skipped this as we had curry fish head for dinner had enough of spicy stuff.

Singapore Sling ($21), with gin, Cointreau, cherry brandy, pineapple juice and Angostura was equally excellent.


For those who don’t take alcohol, you can choose from a range of appealing mocktails and juices.

Apple Pilar ($14): apple juice, ginger ale, mint leaves


Grapefruit Cooler ($14): grapefruit juice, soda water, grenadine syrup


Orange Juice ($8)


Astor Bar
St Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911

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