2B Alternative Into Arm & Body

The kind folks at 2B Alternative sent a slimming gel 2 weeks ago. I have applying it diligently everyday and can’t wait to share the results XD


My constant eating and recent cruise holiday have not been kind to my figure, sigh! 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body arrived just at the right time. This slimming gel targets stubborn fat at the arms and tummy, the two areas which bothers me the most.


2B Alternative does not use chilli or ginger extract because these ingredients may irritate the skin. The product consists of a new Deep Heat Penetrating (HDP) formula which activates Garcinia cambogia, Caffeine and Carnitine to reach fat cells and burn them.  Acetyl hexapeptide-3(AH3) is added to tighten the skin and to help avoid cellulite after slimming down.

I apply 2B Into Arm and Body after my shower, on dry skin. For the tummy, massage from the lower waist for up to 3 minutes. For the arms, apply from the palm to the shoulder, massage until full absorbed.

The transparent gel is moderately thick, and takes about 2-3 minutes to absorb. The first night I applied it, I experienced a burning sensation which lasted about 10 minutes, then it mellowed to a gentle warm tingling sensation which lasted for about 3 hours. After 2 applications, my skin got used to the product; the hot sensation was markedly reduced and the warm tingling sensation lasted less than an hour. The gel has a sweet fragrance, and also is a good skin moisturizer.


Now for my before and after pictures! Do note that I didn’t exercise nor diet during this 2 week trial. For my left arm, 25.3cm before…

left before 1e-tile

left before 2e-tile

…and  24.9cm after, which equates to a loss of 0.4cm.

left after 1e-vert

left after 2e-vert

For my right arm, 25.1cm before….

right before 1e-tile

right before 2e-tile

…and 24.8cm after, which is 0.3cm difference.

right after 1e-vert

I am too embarrassed to say how huge my tummy is, so all I can disclose is that I lost about 5 cm after using 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body. Hubby commented I am slimmer now, so happy XDXDXD.

2B Alternative is available at Guardian.

Many thanks to Luna and 2B Alternative Group!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “2B Alternative Into Arm & Body

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Jen, I find that only if I pile on a lot of the product, the burning sensation is bothersome and skin does turn red. I suspect that its because I used too much. If used in moderation, its comfortable and no redness at all.

  1. Jenney Jen

    I have been using 2B Arm & Body too, I am also happy that it really helps to firm up my flabby arms. I love the warm sensation when I applied it on my tummy.

      1. JenneyJen

        Hi Janice, you can easily purchase 2B products from any Guardian outlets in Singapore.

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