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Apart from furnishings and decorative items, home diffusers can play a part in creating a sanctuary at home. When I was young, my mother used to light up aromatherapy burners in the home to add a little touch of something to the atmosphere. Because I wish to avoid using naked flames, I opt for diffusers instead, a safe and natural way to perfume the home. In this blog post, I will review the different diffusers and scents I have purchased so far.


I choose the scents based how pleasant they smell, as well as their effects. Pure Essential’s Bliss melts away stress, tension and anxiety while Lavender relaxes and soothes. My mom brought Dusk’s Honey Lavender from Australia, which posses a touch of sweetness.  I use these in the bedroom with reed sticks.


Reed sticks are porous and good diffusers. As you can see from this picture, each reed stick has individual cellular sections, which runs from top to bottom. Capillary action pull the liquid from the bottom to the top and diffuses the fragrance oil. I flip the reeds every 2 days to refresh the scent. I recommend replacing reeds every 4-6 weeks as they lose their ability to diffuse when they become too saturated. You’ll need to replace reeds if there is a change in scent refills.


Looks very cute right? I bought it for work, but because the scent is so faint, I brought it back home and placed it in the bathroom instead. Its suitable for small areas. I won’t repurchase this as the green coloring from the thick paper discolors the fragrance oil. Not an attractive sight.


For each 100ml of reed refills purchased, you will get 4 leaves. Kenzon smells like Kenzo Flower, grab this if you are a fan of vibrant and fresh fragrance!


Laline’s Ocean is currently my favorite scent. Its relieves stress, clears my mind and also aids concentration. I have a bottle at work as well as in the study room.


Laline is having a 50% sale until 6th May so hurry to the Parkway Parade outlet for wallet-friendly deals.


For those who are lazy (like me) to flip reeds, you may wish to consider ceramic diffuser or tapioca Sola flowers. IMHO, they are look much more sophisticated compared the reed sticks can double as eye -catching decor.

Ceramic diffusers can be washed and reused with different fragrance oils, however the scent is faint and the ceramic will turn yellow-brown over time. On the contrary, you’ll get a strong scent with Sola flowers but it can’t be reused with different fragrance oils. Another drawback is that the flowers consume oils at a much faster rate.




This is from BHG, level 3. It costs $2.60 and the wick measures 14cm.


Hope this blog post is useful to create exclusive moods for your surroundings! Below are links where you can find home diffusers 🙂

Wil Essentials
365 Days Designer Aromatherapy
Mount Sapola
Laline (Closing 6th May 2014)
Crabtree and Evelyn
Dusk (If you are visiting Australia)

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