Platypus Kitchen

Fresh pasta, premium ingredients, wallet-friendly prices, spacious seating, convenient location. You really can’t ask for anything more, can you? Fresh handmade pasta prepared every morning is the pride of Platypus Kitchen and the folks here believe in gourmet dining at everyday prices.


Here, one can find the largest selection of pasta in Asia.  Those who need help in deciding on that to order will find this algorithm useful.


I visited 3 times, twice for set lunch and once for dinner. Set lunch is very value for money; pasta and risotto sets from $12.90 includes a choice of soup or side salad, a cold beverage and pasta. For pastas with premium ingredients eg crabs, prawns, scallops and truffle, an add-on of $0.90-$1.90 is required. Service was attentive and efficient. Food-wise, hits and misses. I don’t see myself coming here regularly in the near future for the pasta but the mains, sides and risottos look tempting.

Healthy-tasting Elderflower Iced Tea and velvety Mushroom Soup.


Pumpkin soup was smooth and flavoursome, with just the right amount of cream. Love the sour crunch from the seeds in this Iced Passion Fruit Tea.


Lemon Prawn Parppadelle (add $0.90). Doesn’t look like a lot on the plate, but you’ll be surprised how filling it is. The combination of flavours and texture is marvellous. Pleasantly tart zesty lemon pomodoro sauce, sweet tomatoes, grilled prawns, chewy pasta and thinly sliced garlic which added another flavour dimension and delightful crunch.


Spicy Diablo Crab and Prawn (add $1.90) looks impressive. But looks can be deceiving. While I must commend on the generous portion of succulent crab claw meat and fresh prawns, the spicy egg sauce in addition to the chilli strands was overwhelming. I was startled by the spiciness and immediately regretted mixing in the chilli strands into the pasta.


Mushroom Aglio Olio ($13.50) was a disaster. Imagine my dismay when a plate of soggy pasta arrived in front of me. I even questioned the waiter if the pasta was meant to be sitting in a puddle of oily water. Ah boy gave a sheepish smile and nodded. Garlic flavour was severely lacking too.



Sea salt caramel ($6.90) was passable, although I could not detect much saltiness. Apart from being moist, the cake itself was mediocre. The unique part was the popping candy- quite fun to have the crystals sizzling in the mouth. The chopped peanuts married well with the chocolate sauce.



Platypus Kitchen
#03-29/29A Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street


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