Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be out there. Hope you are having a fantastic day so far. I finally found the time to write a review on Korea’s Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch.


I have completed detailed reviews on the Gold EGF Eye and Spot Patch, as well as the Ginseng EGF Eye and Spot Patch here and here.

The product claims that pearl will slow down again while gold helps keep the skin tone bright. The eye masks are soaked in essence made with green tea, citron, cucumber, wormwood and grapefruit extracts to boost moisture levels.

Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches come in a tub with 30 pairs of eye patches. It has a spatula to minimize contamination while users pick up the jelly like hydrogel patches.  You need to use it for 30 min for the maximum benefits.


Like with every other face mask, you can refrigerate it for a more cooling sensation. I leave the seal on to keep the product fresh. There is some essence at the bottom of the tub and I don’t want this precious essence to dry up.

Before using the eye mask, I will flip the tub upside down for a few seconds, then flip it back again. This coats the eye masks on top with a layer of essence. I place the side of the eye mask WITH the essence onto the skin. You can only do this if you keep the seal intact, otherwise the essence will leak out from the screw cap.

I experience no stinging nor discomfort .The benefits are the same as Petitfee Gold EGF eye patch, but the Black Pearl and Gold Eye Patch didn’t improve my dark circles. AT ALL.

-Hydrated eye area
-Cooling sensation soothes my eyes. Cooing sensation even lasts for about 15 min after removal of mask
-Eye area feels tighter

Unlike the other 2 products, this sits around the eye better, and it’s also larger. So if your eye bags are huge, using this will be more suitable. To be honest, I am lukewarm to Black Pearl and Gold Eye Patch because it does nothing for my dark eye circle and does not hydrate as well as Petitfee Gold EGF eye patch.



7 thoughts on “Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

  1. choco

    i read somewhere that this eye mask supposed to be minimize the wrinkles/fine lines on your eyes. maybe that’s why it’s not working well with the dark circles? :/
    anyway is it okay for sensitive skin? and how much the price? thanks for the review! 😀

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Choco,

      Glad you enjoyed the review XD

      The product description I’ve come acrossed for this product is “gold for refreshing skin. gold keeps skin tone healthy and invigorates eyes”. This is the same description for the Gold EGF Eye and Spot Patch. Hence my interpretation that it may help lessen dark circles as dark circles is not healthy skin tone…
      Another seller’s description: “Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch 60cts supplies plenty of moisture to near eye skin, boosting elasticity, firmness, brightness and smoothness of near eye skin.”
      U can purchase from the above links. Do shop ard first, as other sellers may have better prices 🙂

      My skin is quite sensitive but it didnt cause me any problems 🙂

  2. sumiji888

    Does this do anything at all? You mentioned tighter feel, so how do you think this would work on expression lines? I read elsewhere (the site where it sells these masks) that this product is good in room temperature for one year after opening, how do you store yours? I really prefer the shape of this is mask over gold EFG eye and spot patch, now after I read this I think I’ll just buy the other.

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      I find the benefits only slightly noticeable, but its does soften fine lines a little. I store mine in the cupboard, away from light. Personally, I prefer the shape of the gold EGF, because its smaller and works well with my routine. I will put on a hydrating sheet mask over the gold EFG eye patch, but the black pearl eye mask is too big and sit on quite a large area of my cheeks, hence my cheeks can’t absorb the essence from the my sheet masks.

  3. Ann

    Hmm, your under eyes dark circles not that obvious my dear…. perhaps these eye patches are meant for serious under eyes dark circles 😛

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Ann, its very serious, sobs! I look like a panda without heavy-duty concealers. The gold and EGF eye patch is much better, my dark circles lightened dramatically.


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