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Clinical Skincare brand Physician Care Alliance (PCA Skin), is committed to the research and development of highly effective professional treatment and daily care products. I was invited to the launch even by Zoe Nissi Ptd Ltd, the exclusive distributer in selected ASEAN countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand and Indonesia.


A leader in the clinical skin care industry, PCA Skin partners with doctors and dermatologists to provide a proven process combining aesthetics and science for healthy, beautiful skin. Products designed for skin conditions such as acne, aging skin, sensitive skin and hyper pigmentation are clinically researched and scientifically formulated.




The lovely door gift.


This gentle lactic acid facial wash ($56) effectively cleanses the skin, without stripping it of its moisture. Lactic Acid, is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) naturally found in milk and sugars. It’s part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and provides moisture. Aloe vera leaf juice, antioxidant Allantoin and Salix willow bark extract purifies, softens, soothes the skin.


As the name suggest, this SPF 45 sunscreen ($65) absorbs readily and feels light on the skin. Zinc Oxide provides broad spectrum UV protection by reflecting, scattering and absorbing UV rays while Octinoxate absorbs and filter UV rays. It also includes antioxidant Silybin and Vitamin E.




ExLinea peptide smoothing serum ($180) is my favourite among the three. I love its inviting aroma (mandarin orange peel oil) and the light texture of the serum, which has exceptional affinity with my skin. This treatment formulation contains Argireline, sodium hyaluronate, squalene, and rice bran wax hydrates,  smoothes and firms aging skin. In addition, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.




Many thanks to Jeffrey, Zoe Nissi and PCA Skin for the invite 🙂

PCA Skin Website
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Zoe Nissi Website (Email/call for clinics that stocks PCA Skin)

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  1. Ann

    Wow! The SPF45 and smoothing serum look good!! Never heard of this brand though. Where are the products manufactured yeah?

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Yeah, I like them very much, especially the serum 🙂 This brand is available at doctor clinics, from the US. I’m checking with the company for the stock list, which I will include into the blogpost once they get back to me.


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