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Expanding from a single coffee-shop styled eatery to 9 restaurants , Putien is certainly doing very well. The chain specialises in Heng hwa cuisine, a sub-category of Chinese cuisine with roots linked back to a coastal town located in the Fujian province of China. It’s hard to go wrong where the food philosophy is to serve uncomplicated, quality dishes at reasonable prices. The healthy-tasting, home-cooked fare satisfied our stomachs and touched our hearts.

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Generally good vibes at the Vivocity branch-brightly lit, modern, classy decor and warm service.

My passion fruit drink ($4.90) was way too sweet while hubby’s Barley and Winter Melon($3.50) was satisfactory.


On every table, you’ll find a pot of Putien’s homemade chilli. Its prepared daily, hence the freshness is unmistakeable.


We kicked start the dinner with a soup to warm our tummies.  Braised Bean Curd with Chinese Cabbage (small $17.50, med $25.90) is a light broth flavoured with seasonal calms, dried shrimps and dried scallops, homemade bean curd and Chinese cabbage. A bowl of rice paired with this lovely, nutritious  soup can be a meal in itself.


A snack dating back to the 1920s, Putien Jian Bao ($7.20 for 4 pieces) is a popular order. Pan fried on both sides to a glistening brown, it’s packed with minced pork, radish and mushrooms. Dip them in the specially concocted sauce for maximum flavour.



Deep fried duck with yam (small $16.50, large $31.80). Both fil and I love yam, plus I am a big fan of duck. Duck meat is enveloped with smooth yam paste, followed by a light crispy crust which was not too oily or thick. Because the duck meat was bland, we found ourselves splashing quite a bit of the accompanying sauce to lift the flavour.


Putien Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychees (small $12.50, med $18.50) intrigued me. Lychees?  We didn’t regret this order and will eat this again and again. Tender pork wrapped with deep fried batter, coated evenly with familiar sweet and sour sauce lightened by lychees.


I can’t say no to anything crispy, so Deep Fried Squirrel Fish ($38) was another highlight. Live sea bass is deboned, leaving its fillet still attached to its tail. Fried perfectly, it crispy on the outside while remaining soft and flaky on the inside. The dish is enhanced with tangy sweet gravy and garnished with chopped vegetables.


Putien style oyster omelette (small $16.90, med $23.90) was decent, with heaps of oysters.


The last dish to grace our table was Putien Mee Sua (small $8.90, med $17.80, large $26.80) with a milky broth cooked from pork ribs and bones. The Longevity noodles are handmade using traditional methods, which ensures that they don’t turn soggy when cooked.


I was keen to try the Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Cream dessert but was almost at the brink of bursting. It’ll have to wait till next time.

With outlets in major shopping complexes such as Marina Square, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Vivocity, Raffles City and Nex, Putien is conveniently located for everyone who crave for Heng hwa cuisine .

Putien Vivocity
1 Habourfront Walk #02-131/132
Tel 63769358


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