Situated along Ann Siang Road is an unpretentious restaurant seeking to not merely to please, but excite your taste buds. Lolla’s small plates focus on fresh produce and fine ingredients. Their special menu updates often, reflecting seasonal produce.


Step inside and you’ll find an industrial chic setting, with a bar counter and open kitchen. The basement houses a long communal table. We were lucky to get seats at the bar counter, where we could watch the chefs work their magic.


Much-raved-about Sea Urchin Pudding (half portion $21, full portion $40) my friend dragged me there for. To be honest, I am not a fan of sea urchin. It tasted kind of strange to me at first, but I grew to like it. Served chilled, this decadent pudding has a strong creamy seafood punch, with a generous hunk of Hokkaido Sea Urchin perched atop. Take a bit of everything in one spoon and let it mingle in your mouth-UMAMI!


From the specials board, Chilean King Crab with Alio Cream ($30) highlights the exceptional quality of ingredients with its uncomplicated style of cooking. The leggy supermodel crustaceans are served conveniently opened, so that one will not have to waste precious time struggling with them, and instead, dive straight into the delicacy. The crab meat was juicy, succulent and sweet. Very delish and satisfying, you’ve got to try it yourself to know how good this is.



Whoever said vegetables are boring should check out this beautifully seasoned Jerusalem Artichokes with Rosemary ($18). Love the crunchy texture and nutty flavour texture of this vegetable. Also from the special menu.


The bill was already $69, but our tummies were still rather empty (portions are tiny). We scanned for a dessert on the menu and Steamed Dark Chocolate Pudding ($15) caught my eye (chocolate is my weakness). Although chocolate pudding and ice cream isn’t particularly creative, its nevertheless a warm comforting sweet to wrap up a meal. Luxuriously rich, dense and moist (steaming makes it extra moist) pudding, sprinkled with cocoa nibs, served with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Best enjoyed with tangy fresh strawberries (with compliments of the chef) .




Although prices veer towards the higher and, the quality ingredients and cooking technique is worth the price. Follow their Facebook page to be kept updated on the special menu selections. I’m waiting for the Chilean King Crab to be featured again, which I plan to have it all to myself!

22 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 64231228

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