Island Cafe

Oooo, Tangs Member Sales! MIL and I shopped for hours, and it was time for refuelling. I was craving for laksa, so MIL suggested Island Cafe, well-known for their crayfish laksa and Asian fare.



Located on level 4 in Tang Orchard, the cafe is a great for taking a break from all the shopping. While the hawker fare at Tangs Market in basement 1 is very yummy, we were simply too tired to wait around for a table. It’s much more comfy to rest your tired legs (and aching body) at the spacious (and less crowded), resort-styled Island Cafe.


Emphasis is placed on Asian dishes, such as Hor fun and Kuey Tiao. If you prefer western fare, salads and sandwiches are also available.

Refreshing Summer Passion mocktails ($6.50) to rejuvenate exhausted shoppers.


A sight to warm any laksa lover’s heart, no?


Island Cafe’s signature, crayfish laksa ($20), a rich and spicy coconut gravy with thick rice vermicelli, prawns, quail eggs, fish cafe, cockles and crayfish. Comes piping hot, so be careful as you dig in! I recommend putting the apron provided on to prevent stains on your clothes.



Hainanese Pork Chop Rice ($16) was decent too. The breaded pork chop had a crispy exterior, yet most and tender on the inside. Drizzled with Hainanese style tomato sauce.


We ended our meal with a complimentary birthday cake. Carrot cake was ok, nothing to shout about.


Island Cafe
Level 4 Tangs Plaza
320 Orchard Road
Tel: 63113424

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