Crystal Jade Jiang Nan

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan brings you culinary delicacies from the south of China’s Yangtze River. At this polished restaurant, you can savor 4 Jiang Nan styles-Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hunan and Shanghai, all served up with Crystal Jade consistency. The heart-warming food is not fancy schmancy, but they resonate with everyone from young to old. Service standards varies, warm and efficient on weekdays but sometimes splotchy on weekends.


I love dramatic entrances. Hong Kong Ying Yang ($4.80) is gimmicky, but I like it! The fragrant beverage came in a tall flask with dry ice flowing from the centre of the flask.



Sliced Pork with Golden Mushroom, Loofah and Black Fungus Soup in Casserole ($16.80). Healthy, flavorful soup which was not overly salty. We order this every time we visit.



Multi-flavored Dumpling Family ($12.80) is essential assorted pork, chicken and vegetable dumplings. My favorite was the French bean and pork dumpling.


Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple sauce ($13.80) was a tad too sweet; I could hardly detect any sourness.


Sautéed Prawns and Sweet Potato with Salted Egg Yolk ($22). We were impressed with the huge, succulent prawns coated with insanely delicious salted egg yolk. Holding its own are the creamy sidekick sweet potatoes, which added a touch of comforting sweetness to the otherwise salty dish.



Deep-fried Scallops with Spicy Salt ($16.80). Fresh, savory scallops tossed with coco pops. Wished the scallops were plumper though….


Steamed Sliced Sea Bass with Cut Chilli ($14.80). Despite the copious amount of chilli, it’s only slightly spicy. Flavors were captivating, while fresh sea bass was tender and flaky.



Sautéed assorted mushroom with asparagus and bean curd ($12.50)


Deep-fried spinach bean curd with assorted mushrooms ($12.80). It’s hard to go wrong with a classic Chinese combination and silky tofu.



Sautéed French bean with minced pork and olive leaf ($12.80). The seasoning is spot on and I can see this pleasing most palates.


We wrapped up our meal with bite-sized Pumpkin cake and Japanese glutinous rice dumpling desserts ($5.60). The cute pumpkin rice cake has a salted egg yolk infused skin and red bean paste filling. While the skin had a nice chewy texture, it was too thick and I grew tired from all the chewing after awhile. We could not detect any salted egg yolk flavor.


The unassuming Japanese glutinous rice dumpling (mochi) fared much better; it caught us by surprise with its exquisite texture and delicate strawberry and mango fresh cream filling. It’s like eating pillow-y clouds!

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan
Vivocity #01-52
Tel: 62211830

2 thoughts on “Crystal Jade Jiang Nan

  1. Ann

    Omigosh!! The soup and the steamed sliced sea bass look so delicious!! I am drooling now!!! 😀 Lol!! By the way, do you find the Hong Kong Yin Yang sweet? Can request less sweet right? 😀 I have to bring my parents there to eat one of these days soon!! 😀

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Ann

      Ya..the soup and steamed sliced sea bass are delicious!
      I find the Ying Yang just right…should be no problem to request or lesser sugar I guess
      My in-laws like the food here, hope your parents will enjoy too 🙂


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