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Award-winning LUSH Aesthetics provides a diverse range of aesthetic treatments such as LED teeth whitening, fat freezing and laser face treatment. The aesthetic centre is equipped with numerous innovative and FDA-approved machines, which deliver effective results. I was thrilled to be invited for a laser face treatment facial.


After voicing my concerns to Eva in the office, she recommended Almalase Laser Face Treatment, which improves large pores, pigmentation and brighten dull skin. Almalase Laser Face Treatment utilizes latest technology in laser face rejuvenation, and also targets acne, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles with absolutely no downtime.


I didn’t take any pictures of the treatment room because LUSH is in the midst of renovation, which is expected to end in July.

My skin was first cleansed. Below is the “before” picture; pores on the cheeks are clogged and skin tone appears sluggish.


The therapist applied a solution to dissolve and loosen blackheads, then performed Biotech extraction, which is vibrating device that encourages efficient extraction with less pain compared the conventional comedone loop extractor. I was curious so I asked for a mirror to observe the process. True enough, most blackheads pop out of the pores with a just slight push. For more stubborn clogs, more force is required but the pain was bearable. Unfortunately due to private and confidentiality issues, I can’t take pictures of the device to share on the blog. As you can see, the extraction was extremely thorough.


The therapist applied a thick layer of gel and executed the laser treatment. The blasts of orange light were startling at first, but I soon got used to it. I experienced a slight warm sensation and no worries, there was absolutely no pain.


This is how my skin looked after the laser treatment.


Because this laser treatment can dry the skin, the therapist applied a hydrating and collagen gel, then used soft laser to maximise absorption. After which, an Italian Crystal Mask was applied to hydrate and seal in all the goodness. Here’s my skin after the facial, pore are certainly more refined and skin is noticeably fairer has a healthy glow XD


LUSH Aesthetics is currently having a promotion for laser skin treatments. Only $25 for 1 session (u.p $388) or $60 for 3 sessions (u.p $1164). Click here for more details and T&Cs.

Many thanks to Gavin and Eva for the invite 🙂

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