Paradise Group has gone from gone from strength to strength, opening a number of new outlets in recent months. Hubby and I visited LeNu (literally means “happy cow”) on a Saturday to try their Taiwanese braised beef noodles. The concept is frills-free casual dining; tick off the items you want on order sheet, then proceed the cashier for payment. Noodles will be served to your table.


We started our meal with some refreshing appetizers.

Chilled silken tofu with century egg ($2.90) was well-executed- delicately soft, silky tofu with a lovely combi of sweet and sour flavors. Seconds please!



I wasn’t too fond of the Chilled Cucumbers ($2.90), as I found them too sweet.


Since I have not travelled to Taiwan, I have no idea how LeNu’s offerings stack up to Taiwan’s iconic street dish. LeNu works on 4 “Jin” (essence), in the pursuit of perfecting authentic braised beef noodles- the broth, specialty noodles, premium beef cuts and signature dipping sauce.

On every table, there is a pot of homemade dipping sauce (I believe it’s made from fermented beans), freshly prepared every morning. The sauce is meant to elevate the taste and richness of the premium beef; however, we were taken aback by its saltiness.


Braised Wagyu Beef Noodles ($16.90), with fork-tender slices of beef. You can choose from authentic braised beef soup, braised beef soup with pickled cabbage, hot and spicy braised beef soup. The broth is flavorful and robust, bursting with beefy goodness, all thanks to the 18 hours of simmering. We preferred the Hot and Spicy Braised beef soup and Broad noodles over the Authentic Braised beef soup with thin noodles ($6.90). If you’d like more bite, go for the broad noodles; the thin noodles were soft and only slightly springy.



1 Habourfront Walk
Tel: 637969039

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