OPI Bond Girls

OPI launched Bond Girls last year, a collection of 6 liquid sand lacquers named after some of the iconic Bond Girls in the movies.


Liquid sand has been around for a while. Basically they are glittery lacquers that do not require top coat. They dry with a textured finish, which feels like sandpaper. I absolutely love them, because I save time waiting for them to dry (only half the time required compared to conventional polishes). Chips and tip wear can be easily corrected without any sign that the manicure has been touched up , thanks to the rough surface. Unlike glitter polishes, liquid sands can be removed effortlessly- just press cotton soaked with nail polish remover for 30 seconds and rub off.

Only 2 lacquers caught my eye in this collection, Solitaire and Pussy Galore.

Solitaire is a frosty white shimmer with silver glitter. Very engaging, looks almost like snow when it catches the sun’s rays and sparkles like diamond under indoor light. 2 coats were enough to give a opaque white color to my nails. Unfortunately, its difficult to capture its beauty on camera.





Pussy Galore is a feminine icy pastel pink, with gold and light fuchsia pink glitters. I am lukewarm towards this lacquer, find the pink too girly and frosty….



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