Pow Sing Restaurant

I have always wanted to drop by Pow Sing for a hearty meal, but because it too far from home and parking is a nightmare, I refrained from asking Hubby to take me there. In my teens, my family often had our weekend dinners at this humble Hainanese chicken rice and Nonya cuisine restaurant.


The place looked almost the same as I remembered 11 years ago. But nobody cares much about the décor when the draw is delicious and reasonably priced food. Be warned, this place is not for you if you cannot stand crowd and noisy chatters. Service is efficient, albeit a little abrupt.


Hainanese Chicken ($5/serving) and Fragrant Rice ($1/serving) were fantastic, but not the best I had tried.


If you are craving for something for spicy, give the flavorsome Nonya Otak ($3/pc) a go. The tantalizing otak is thick and very substantial.

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I wish we didn’t order the Sweet and Sour Fish ($12/$18/$24).


I have an unabashed love affair for Har Chiong Gai, and Pow Sing’s Crispy Fried Chicken Wing with Prawn Paste ($10/$15/$20) didn’t disappoint. Oh yes, it was C-R-I-S-P-Y, no doubt about that. The tender oily meat pulls out with ease.


Although not the most photogenic, Nonya Tauhu ($8/$12/$16) was another highlight. The delicately crisps exterior encases smooth egg tofu. Definitely a dish that will please most palates.


Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce ($8/$12/$16). Crunchy vegetables done just right, in a savory sauce.


There is no service charge and our total bill came up to $60.75 for 4 pax, which include 3 cups of Lime Juice ($2 each). This works out to be $15 per pax. Value for money, tasty dishes, I’d come here again and again if I could.

Valet service is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and PHs after 6.30pm.

Pow Sing Restaurant
63-65 Serangoon Garden Way
Tel: 62827972/62864813

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