Marina South Curry House

Travel back to the 70s with Marina South Curry House and savor nostalgic Asian classics with Nonya Influences. Tucked in a corner on the 3rd level of 100AM, the retro eatery radiates old school ambiance, perfect for a quick lunch with colleagues and heartwarming family dinners.



With 40 years of culinary experience, Chef Gan’s philosophy encompasses passion, determination dedication. He has spent more than a decade in Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand spreading love with his Asian delights.


We started our meal with a refreshing Buah Long Long drink($3.90), also known as buah kedongdong in Malay. Made from Buah Long Long fruit juice, the beverage is face-scrunchingly sour and complements curry dishes well. Acquired taste, I’d say. Hubby loved it but it was too sour for me. Mention-worthy is its cooling properties which dispels heatiness in the body.


We also sampled Iced Sour Plum Calamansi ($3.90) and Iced Lemon Tea ($3.90). Both were lovely, but the former stood out with its pleasant zesty notes.


Curry lovers rejoice! At Marina South Curry House, red, yellow and green curries are available. We tried Red Chicken Curry ($6.90), packed with a medley of spices and flavors. Chicken was done well, meticulously simmered until delightfully tender.



Salted Egg Chicken Wing ($12.90) easily won me over. Fried to a beautiful golden brown and coated with generous amount of salted egg yolk, each bite was captivating.


For a lighter option, the Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon ($7.90 for single portion, $18.90 for 2-3 pax) would be most suitable. Now, healthy doesn’t mean bland or boring. This delicious broth contains no msg or milk;  its mouth-watering flavor derived from simmering Chef Gan’s unique stock combination for more than 6 hours. Choice of fish is fresh seabass, which went well with the thick, springy bee hoon.


We also sampled Luohan Chye ($9.90) comprising of tofu, taupok, mushroom and bak choy, and not forgetting Sautéed Potato Leaves ($6.90), both healthy yet tasty options great for adults and children.



Apart from Ala carte menu, Marina South Curry House also offers set menus for 2, 4, and 6 pax, from $38.80 onwards. Office workers may take interest in their wallet-friendly rice sets, which includes lemon barley and fruits, starting from $7.90.


Much love to Agnes for the invite!

Marina South Curry House
100 Tras Street #03-14
Tel: 66948108


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